The Spirit is Free

Dream Theater – Scenes From A Memory

Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory

Act I:

Scene One:

I – Regression

“Close your eyes and begin to relax. Take a deep breath, and let
it out slowly. Concentrate on your breathing. With each breath
you become more relaxed. Imagine a brilliant white light above
you, focusing on this light as it flows through your body. Allow
yourself to drift off as you fall deeper and deeper into a more
relaxed state of mind. Now as I count backward from ten to one,
you will feel more peaceful, and calm. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven.
Six. You will enter a safe place where nothing can harm you.
Five. Four. Three. Two. If at any time you need to come back, all
you must do is open your eyes. One.”

Safe in the light that surrounds me
Free of the fear and the pain
My subconscious mind
Starts spinning through time
To rejoin the past once again

Nothing seems real
I’m starting to feel
Lost in the haze of a dream

And as I draw near
The scene becomes clear
Like watching my life on a screen

Hello Victoria so glad to see you
My friend.

Scene Two:

I – Overture 1928

II – Strange Deja Vù

Subconscious Strange Sensation
Unconscious relaxation
What a pleasant nightmare
And I can’t wait to get there again

Every time I close my eyes
There’s another vivid surprise
Another whole life’s waiting
Chapters unfinished, fading

Closer now- Slowly coming into view
I’ve arrived- Blinding sunshine beaming through

There’s a house I’m drawn to
Familiar settings nothing new
There’s a pathway leading there
With a haunting chill in the air

There’s a room at the top of the stairs
Every night I’m drawn up there
There’s a girl in the mirror
Her face is getting clearer
Young child won’t you tell me why I’m here?

In her eyes- I sense a story never told
Behind the disguise- There’s something tearing
At her soul

Tonight I’ve been searching for it
A feeling that’s deep inside me
Tonight I’ve been searching for
The one that nobody knows
Trying to break free

I just can’t help myself
I’m feeling like I’m going out of my head
Tears my heart into two
I’m not the one the sleeper thought he knew

Back on my feet again
Eyes open to the real world
Metropolis surrounds me
The mirror’s shattered the girl

Why is this other life
Haunting me every day
I’d break through to the other side
If only I’d find the way

Something’s awfully familiar
The feeling’s so hard to shake
Could I have lived in that other world
It’s a link that I’m destined to make

I’m still searching but I don’t know what for
The missing key to unlock my mind’s door

Today I am searching for it
A feeling that won’t go away
Today I am searching for it
The only one I know
Trying to break free

I just can’t help myself
I’m feeling like I’m going out of my head
Tears my heart into two
I’m not the one I thought I always knew

I just can’t help myself
I’m feeling like I’m going out of my head
Uncanny, Strange Deja Vu’
But I don’t mind- I hope to find the truth”

I haven’t listened to “Scenes from a Memory” by Dream Theater for quite a while, but for whatever reason, I felt the urge to do so today.  As you may have noticed (if you read the above) it is a really deep album. (or just plane bizarre)

I like where that album takes me both spiritually and mentally. It was created by an amazingly talented group of musicians (who thankfully have never given up their unique style and sound for mainstream popularity and/or the money)

When I turn up the volume on this album, I tune out the world for a while and it feels fabulous! I close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and let the music take me to the place where we all begin and end and begin again.

I feel so many different emotions as I walk through the life I live and those I have lived before. They are all one life-an eternal life that is ever changing yet ultimately so much the same.

So now as I drift in and out of this world, I am no more. There is no “me”.

There is no past, no present, no future. No selfishness, no hatefulness, no thoughts of vengeance, regret, anger, fear.

I am no more.

I am no less.

A spectral dance of color and light-there is no day, there is no night. The spirit is free.

As we don this costume of flesh and bone we adopt the ways of this human home and forget where it is that we come from…Then one day we may hear a song, which resonates with our very core and our memories return to our conscious mind and

The Spirit is Free.


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