Am I Nuts?

I received some truly ugly responses to a comment I made on Facebook recently and felt the need to share my response to those who attacked me for my opinions.
Recently,There was a story on the local news here in Northern Nevada regarding the Washoe County School District’s policies on educating illegal immigrants (and/or the children of illegal immigrants). This was in light of President Trump’s enforcement of Immigration Laws which were ignored by the former President.
I shared my thoughts on the matter and I was accused of being a person who “Hates All Hispanics”, is a”Racist”, “Hates Children” and worse because I chose to express my feelings which were not in favor of spending my tax dollars to further support those who have entered this country ILLEGALLY.
The outrage expressed by some Americans regarding the “undocumented immigrants”….ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS… “Racist, evil President Trump’s targeting these poor unfortunate souls” has me outraged!
In November of 2016, a bill (WC1) was put on the local ballot which increased taxes in Washoe County in order to pay for the building of new schools in the district, as well as make repairs and additions to existing schools in the district. The bill was passed by a very narrow margin with a huge number of protests for and against the tax increase.
The School District claimed to be broke. The schools in the District falling apart, classrooms were way over capacity, too many students, not enough teachers…no money to pay for more teachers or make repairs…etc.
The Bill, as I mentioned above, narrowly passed.
I sit here in disbelief at the irony of this situation.
My hard-earned tax dollars have now been increased as a result of this bill being passed. I can accept this because I am totally in favor of educating American Children. Every American child deserves to have an education. I am grateful for being an educated American.
I am stunned by the reaction of some Americans to my logical opinion regarding my tax dollars being spent to educate illegal immigrants.
Why am I being labelled a racist?
Why am I being accused of “Hating Hispanics”?
Am I completely nuts, or is it truly ridiculous that a School District that has no money and needs to increase taxes to pay for more teachers to alleviate the over-capacity classrooms etc. should worry about those issues which are seriously affecting American children before worrying about the needs of those who have entered this country ILLEGALLY?
I would rather spend those extra tax dollars to help Americans. Use my tax dollars to help our Veterans and the millions of homeless Americans rather than have them wasted to support criminals, yes illegal immigrants ARE criminals. Look up the word ILLEGAL in the dictionary those of you who disagree with me regarding the definition of ILLEGAL…The definition of ILLEGAL is NOT “Undocumented” despite popular opinion…The word ILLEGAL means “NOT LEGAL, AGAINST THE LAW, CRIMINAL”.
I have cut and pasted my comment from the Facebook post below.
I welcome your comments, opinions and feelings on this topic.
“Why do so many people insist that it is a “Hate for Hispanic People” when referring to this situation? I have NO hate in my heart for any race, religion,creed or sexual identity. I have love in my heart for all human beings yet am persecuted and labelled a racist and worse because I am sick and tired of watching the outrage that people in My Country express so openly regarding ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, while completely disregarding the FACT that our Service Men and Women…Our Veterans, those who have sacrificed their very lives to protect ALL AMERICANS are living on the streets, have LESS Resources than a person who has illegally entered this country, have less access to medical facilities than an ILLEGAL immigrant and have NO ONE angry or upset about this FACT enough to scream and yell and be their voice or stage a huge rally to protest, despite the fact that those of you whom are so in favor of spending our tax dollars on supporting ILLEGALS drive your nice comfy warm cars right on past the homeless vets living on the streets every day and this is OKAY with you? How dare you. You should be ashamed of yourselves! I have Hispanic friends who are totally in agreement with me on this subject. They came here LEGALLY and are sick of this ridiculousness as well. If you want to support a cause, why don’t you open your heart and your mouths and your wallets and show your love for The United States of America by standing up for those who have kept this Great Nation safe? The reason everyone wants to come into this Great Sovereign Nation is that we are a free country. Why are we free? Who has kept us safe? Who has insured that we can continue to live free? NOT the ILLEGAL immigrants who jump the border folks, NO! Our Service Men and Women whom you disrespect in your ridiculous UN-American rants and protests. You all should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!

2 thoughts on “Am I Nuts?

  1. You asked why people wrote those horrible things and in my opinion, because, like you (apparently) they have an OPINION and are not afraid to voice it. It simply doesn’t coincide with your view. Because America is free, we’re allowed to do and say most anything we want. Some of us (me among them) are afraid of losing freedoms in this current part of history. In my OPINION, it’s because of the fascist ideas that are being thrown about by this new person and his cohorts. I do not support HIM, but I agree fully with your ideas on taxation for schooling. I do not and never will understand why childless people get hit for that sort of taxation..I mean I DO understand the need for funds etc etc, but the idea of a higher tax for the people who keep having all the children than those who have none has always been appealing. We should be allowed to choose where our tax dollars go, but that’s not the case. That sadly will probably never be the case. So I donate to Veterans charities and those others that I find worth my money. Illegal immigration is a huge problem that has been around a very long time. Since former ‘leaders” (and not just Obama..his predecessors were as guilty) have made it easy for people to sneak in and suck off our welfare system, the majority of paying Americans are screwed. We have no voice. Not now and not then. And there’s no doubt somebody out there who says we’re ALL illegals, and only the First People are truly “American”. Laws have to be changed. But if you have someone who is largely regarded as a blowhard idiot (my opinion), not just here but globally, who is going to listen to the law makers? Who is going to make the change?

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