Who’s Knocking At Your Door?

So many protests in the USA…So many Americans who are so angry about President Trump’s “EXTREME VETTING” (not BAN) on those entering our country from countries that have been proven to be ISIS & Al Qaeda training grounds…What in the HELL is wrong with these protestors??
I’m not questioning their first amendment right to protest, but I am questioning their sanity.
The link below states facts. If you people honestly think that it is just fine to allow anyone from anywhere to enter our country without any concern about why they wish to come here, or what their intentions are once they arrive, or their affiliations to any group or organization may be…Then you need to perhaps stop your protesting for a moment and consider the safety of your fellow Americans, your children, your families, and yourself.
Are you seriously so against anything that President Trump does just because you are anti-Trump that you are willing to jeopardize the lives of your loved ones to make a political statement?
Do your damn homework people, instead of acting like ignorant sheep.
The main stream media is so biased that they would have you believe that these “poor refugees with nowhere to go” are being refused entry into the US because of their religion…
WRONG! In fact, they are being temporarily detained in order to understand who they are, why their here and what they intend to do if allowed entry into our country.
This is exactly what President Trump promised to do during his campaign and I commend him for keeping his promise to secure our borders.
This has nothing to do with religion. This has to do with Obama’s lax immigration policies and his refusal to acknowledge the growing number of new members being recruited into extremist Muslim terrorist groups-NOT those who are of the Muslim Faith which is about love and is NOT in any way a religion that teaches its people to kill or act violently against anyone.
Before you take to the streets and use your energy to protest, perhaps you should take a few minutes and really learn about what you are protesting!
I am protesting your protest because I HAVE taken the time to learn what the FACTS are regarding this issue. I have ignored the main stream media’s biased reporting and found out what is REALLY going on and why.
I have no desire to see my loved ones harmed or killed by a person or persons whom have been allowed to find refuge here by pretending to be someone they are not. I would be a fool to put my blind trust in anyone just because they say something to garner my sympathies and make me feel sorry for them.
Why are you people so against learning who these people are before opening the door and letting them in?
Would you open your front door without finding out who is knocking on it?
If so, then why do you have locks on your doors? alarms on your windows?
No one is refusing any refugee entry into the USA. In fact, they are only being temporarily delayed entry.  Delayed until our homeland security has learned as much as they can about  who they are, their plans if allowed to live in the USA,  their love or hate for our people and why they are seeking refuge here.
If this does not make sense to you and make you sleep better at night, then perhaps you need your heads examined.

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