Changes – (Tesla- from the album “Mechanical Resonance”)

Changes, time’s makin’ changes in my life
Rearrangin’, can’t seem to stop the hands of time
I remember, I was so young, I was much too young to see
Now I’m older, growing older, and I see things differently
Oh can’t you see, it’s changin’ you and me

Time’s makin’ changes, time’s makin’ changes in my life
Time’s rearrangin’, changin’ you and me

Faces, strange faces cloud my mind
Empty traces, make it hard for me to find
Somewhere in the distance, is there someone who awaits
For that moment I am taken over by the hands of fate
Can’t you see, the world is changin’ me

yeah yeah

Nothin’ ever stays the same, it’s always gonna change
I’m on my way, yeah yeah

Changes, time’s makin’ changes in my life
Rearrangin’, always changin’, can’t seem to stop the hands of time
Can’t you see, it’s changin’ everything
yeah yeah

Oh all these changes

It’s a new year and life here in the United States of America is just about to undergo some serious and welcome changes.

I am as well.

I have suffered through a difficult couple of years. I am one of the  many Americans who have suffered silently under the current Presidential Administration’s failed health care LAW. Those of you who oppose the incoming President have argued, bullied, protested, attacked, and labelled all of his supporters (including myself) as racists and bigots, simply because we do not want to live as we have been living for the past eight years.

I have been labelled a racist because I support the incoming President’s promise to repeal and replace a mandatory health care LAW that I can not pay for and as such I am forced to pay a fine. Many who may read this are now thinking “What a bunch of crap this person is writing, there are subsidies for those who can’t afford to pay for their health insurance”.


Well, what you fail to realize is that I am one of MANY Americans who (under the current LAW) would have to pay better than 1/3 of their net monthly income for health care, then if they (God forbid) had the unfortunate illness that caused them to have to actually use it, would be forced to pay a huge co-pay before they could be taken care of under their forced health insurance plan.

This is a fact. According to the way the forced socialized health care system is currently structured, I made too much money ($9.76 per hour before taxes) to qualify for a federal subsidy under the LAW.  It was expected of me to pay out over 1/3 of my barely enough to live on income to pay for a mandatory health insurance plan that I could not afford to use (due to the high cost co-pays) or be forced to pay a fine which increases every year that I do not spend the money I don’t have on a health care plan that I can not use.

Those of you Americans who make a decent living (one where you do not have to choose between rent and food OR health insurance coverage) can not comprehend the hardship that this stupid LAW has caused me and I can respect that. However, I will never call you a racist or a bigot because you have no problem with the way the health care system is structured or its costs. You are able to pay for your health insurance and all of the co-pays AND pay your rent or mortgage PLUS have that extra money left over each month for that frivolous little thing called “food”,  right?

At any rate, this became a moot point when the company I worked for went out of business because they were not making enough of  profit to cover their operating expenses, including my wages.

At that point, I became one of the millions of Americans who were unemployed. Losing my job created a brand new bunch of reasons for me to dislike the current administration, none of which, mind you,  had to do with race, religion, gender or color.

I filed for unemployment, as any American would do upon losing their job,right? I was denied. Why? Because folks, I worked for a non-profit organization. One of the things that a 501 (c) (non-profit) does NOT have to do is to pay taxes on employee wages. In plain English, I paid my taxes every week like all Americans must do, but that does not cover unemployment, should I ever become unemployed.

What then, you may ask?

Then, rent was due. Car insurance was due and I was hungry with no food in the house I was about to lose. The gas and electric bills were due as well. What options did I have at that point? I was actively seeking employment and despite the hundreds of resumes I sent out and the applications I filled out, I was still unemployed.

One morning, my phone rang and it was a prospective employer calling me to set up an interview for a position that were looking to fill. I was thrilled! I hopped in the shower, excited about the opportunity and as I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, my permanent porcelain bridge (which was my front top teeth) was no longer permanent.

I still went for my interview, despite my embarrassment at having no front teeth. I explained the situation to the interviewer and felt like I aced the interview. I was well-qualified for the position and felt that I was a great fit for the company as far as my experience and education and personality were concerned.

I left there feeling hopeful for the first time in months. Stupid me!

I went home and began the fruitless search for a dentist to fix or replace my bridge. I was told by every one of them that I would need at least $5000.00 in advance to resolve the problem. Unless I had insurance coverage (of course!).

I did NOT get the job. I was qualified, yes. I was perfect for the position, yes. I was told to give them a call when I resolved my dental issue. They hoped I understood, but they were obviously not comfortable with having their clients meet with a toothless woman who was representing them.

Just when I thought it could not get worse, it did.

I ultimately became so desperate that I went to the welfare office for help. I waited in a long line in a huge government office. The line was filled with men, women and children speaking a variety of foreign languages, and a few who like myself, spoke English. It was very depressing.

Then, when my turn came and I was directed to the first available window, the clerk looked through my stack of government required forms that I had filled out and told me that I would be unable to obtain any assistance from them because I did not qualify for benefits through their agency.

What? I asked her….

She said to me: “You are a single woman with no dependents.Try the unemployment office”.

Despite the rage boiling up in me and the overwhelming urge to scream at her, I turned and walked out of that government office with tears in my eyes.

To those of you who would call me a racist or a bigot because I support our incoming President and his plan to “Make America Great Again” after reading this post?

I say this to you: God Bless America,  God Bless President Trump! Thank you for giving me some hope for my future and the future of the country I love.

2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Reading your post (and I almost stopped because I loathe what is going to happen over these next four years ((in my perception)) and I’m scared shitless)..I was struck by how very odd it is that two women (you and me) have almost exactly the same stories, and yet are firmly on opposite sides of the political fence. Amazing. And before you stop reading this comment, no I wasn’t behind that person (puppet to me) that has been ‘leading’ America for the past eight years. Never voted for him. Didn’t call him President either (and I won’t call your choice that title, he’ll never deserve it IMHO).

    I had the exact same experience as you at the welfare office. When I was in my early 20s I was unemployed A LOT. A high school education, even in the 80s, didn’t take you far, and if you had developing mental health issues (severe enough), you didn’t keep what work was available for long. I filled out the forms, I was making $4.00 an hour part time (15-20 hours a week), and I thought ‘surely my government won’t let me starve because I can’t pay rent, have money to take a bus (forget driving, couldn’t afford the gas in the car NOR the car insurance), AND eat.” Wrong. Wrong. WRONG.

    After waiting in that stupid room for a long time, I was put behind some welfare brood mare (no other term for her) with four kids and one in her arms. They handed her a stack of food stamps (you got stamps back then) that would choke a horse and she happily waddled off (I do believe she was pregnant too). I got to the window and the woman said “Here’s your $10″. I said (paraphrased) WTF? $10? What am I supposed to do with THAT? Buy beans and hope I don’t explode?? What about that woman in line before me?? You gave her hundreds!!” The worker drone said “You’re a single woman without any dependents. You should try for benefits at WORKFORCE SERVICES (which was impossible because technically I was employed).

    A quagmire of horror. I’m sorry you went through it too.

    And one time if you would indulge those of us who may not ‘get’ why that orange person is a good leader? Explain how a misogynistic, loud mouthed, bullying racist is a good idea for a President? Of any country? That’s all I see personally. I’m embarrassed. And I know there were no good choices this time in our election. At all. None. I voted, but not for any of the players (including that orange embarrassment). And my candidate? Didn’t even get 10% of the vote I don’t believe. Sad. Sad. Sad.


  2. Thank you for your honesty! I respect the hell out of you for your blunt and very direct comment. Despite our opposing political views, you are right on! With regard to the Orange Man and his tenure as President of the country I love…I do not care for his arrogance nor do I particularly care for his megalomaniac personality traits but in learning about the man (the man, not the brand nor the candidate) I found many unsung and un-reported (thanks to the biased MSM) truly kind, truly generous and admirable things that “The Man” has selflessly done for others’ without fanfare and without seeking public approval or a pat on the back for his good deeds. I then went a step further and looked closely at the way his kids live their lives (now, as adults) and I was not only surprised, but truly impressed. I am a firm believer in “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and in the case of his children, they are really decent, kind and generous people who have no problem speaking their minds even if their opinion differs from their father’s. They are all hard working, Intelligent and wise beyond their years.
    I have bypassed all of the hype and negativity surrounding his run for office to peel away the fiction and find the facts about him and I am really glad that I did because despite my having been a Democrat for all but this last year of my life, I found that I am not so unlike our incoming President. may be thinking, but I say with pride and dignity that I am like him in many ways. I am blunt in my manner of speaking, and this has caused me all kinds of problems as what I have said often has been taken out of context, lost in translation and misunderstood by those who would rather judge my words than learn what I meant when I said the words. I also am wise enough to know that I do not know everything there is to know about everything (despite what I may suggest). I, like the President-Elect am smart enough to seek out the BEST advisors that can be found on the subjects I am not well-versed in and accept their wise counsel so that I can make the best choices and perhaps learn from them for future situations that may arise. I also am one who give to those in need NOT for some public show of kindness, but because it is what my soul and my conscience deems right for me to do. There are other aspects of the man that I respect and admire as well. I have had to educate myself with an open mind about the man and had to dig deep to find the facts and I am so glad I did. I would hope that you would perhaps take the time to do the same. If after doing so, you still feel the same way about him, then I have to say…well, okay. You and I are above all else, both Americans and as such, can always find comfort in knowing that we will always share that common ground.
    Take care and thank you

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