The Candle’s Flame

What there within the window does burn?

Prisms of pure light, a spectrum of colors light up the night.

My eyes are focused on the single bright flame,

as the tears fall

marking their path with a wet stain.

The candle does flicker as I fall to my knees…

I gently exhale.

The light changes its rhythm.

My heartbeat, my breath?

Perhaps it is there?

I connect with the energy becoming the flame.

I direct my thoughts…willing the flame to dance…

Dance Flame, Dance!

Then begins the conversation in my mind…

Drum roll, please…

“Can she do it?”

(The doubters cast their negative votes.)

What exactly is it?

(My silent response)

“Faith in oneself creates its own energy” I heard a voice whisper…

I then recall a child,  images emerge from so long ago…

She always doubted, her religious beliefs taught her this was true.

She was a sinner, born a sinner…will die the same way.

The doubters chant becomes louder now…

“She can NOT do that” they sing.

“Only the SON of the Father, only HE can do that, for HE is the chosen and she is a sinner and sinners can NOT do what only HE can”

Those doubting voices taunt me with their chants of old…

Self-doubt and faithless insecurities.

They dare me in their bitterness to challenge the boundaries set by old religious dogma…

“You Can’t, You Can’t…SHE CAN’T!” (they sing in harmony)

I CAN! I scream in silence

I now draw back to me my wasteful scattered energy…

I now draw  into me, All Of MY Energy, in ONE deep inhalation of air…

I focus my entire life force now, all of my being and with eyes closed…

I see that single flame which burns in the window there…

“DANCE” I silently demand.

“Dance! Dance, Flame…DANCE!”

A genuine smile spreads across my tear stained face as I open my eyes…

The flame of the candle flickers…Dancing to the rhythm of my heartbeat.

I laugh to myself as the doubters quickly walk away.

Merry Christmas!

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