“A long December and there’s reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last…” -Counting Crows

“Pretty chilly this morning, Mom” Ziggy said

“Brrrr, I agree, Fuzz Butt!” I replied

We were on our way to one of his favorite places in Washoe Valley, Nevada. (A little park that is off the beaten path that he really enjoys visiting.)

We pulled in to the empty parking lot and I put on my mittens, zipped up my heavy warm coat, pulled my hood up over my head and opened the door of the pick up.

“Hurry up Mom! There are critters out there RIGHT NOW just dying to be chased!” He barked

“Geez little buddy…they are still going to be there in ten seconds!” I replied

I managed to get one Ugg booted foot on the ground before he flew over me and landed on the cold asphalt. Then he was off like a bullet to locate the critters who were just waiting to be chased by the great critter chaser: Ziggy!

The day was beautiful! Blue skies, the sun was shining down on the 18 Degrees Fahrenheit morning.

Ziggy could care less that it was below freezing…There were CRITTERS!

I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures as I walked along the path  behind my best friend…As he did his best to chase whatever critter made the mistake of moving from one spot to another.


Ziggy stands still, listening for critter movement in the brush

I love this place. The landscape is ever changing, yet always breathtakingly beautiful. After spending the majority of my life in over-crowded, polluted cities with too many cars, too much drama and too many buildings which have removed all of the natural landscape… I appreciate this wonderful place all the more.

I hope that this December is filled with love and blessings and laughter and joy for all of you!

Ziggy asked me to let you know that he thanks you for taking the time to read his posts (and his crazy Mama’s too!) He wishes all of you and your fur-kids a wonderful holiday season!

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