I Am Truly Heartbroken…

To those who read my blog, I have been silent for almost a month now. The reason for my silence is that I have been busy in my community doing my part to save the country that I Know and Love.

I intended to wait until after Tuesday to write another page, because I am very emotional about the outcome of the election . Who will become our next President?

The last post I wrote received an interesting comment that I chose not to share publicly. The reason I chose not toshare it was because the person who wrote it called me on something I had written in the post. That person said that I had an agenda. Upon taking the time to really think about that, I realized that they were absolutely correct. Please forgive my dishonesty, it was not intentional.

After realizing that I had not written an objective post, despite claiming to have done so, I took some time to look within to better understand myself and find out why I felt the need to lie.

This may seem like a foolish thing to be bothered with and perhaps I am blowing it out of proportion…but after spending so many years of my life as a big fat liar, my integrity and honesty are the very foundation of who I am today. As such,  this small unintentional transgression really upset me.

I want to say thank you to the person who left that comment and I want to make it clear to all that this current post is NOT objective. I DO have an agenda.

My agenda is to do all that I can as an American, to save the Country I Love from ruin.

Now that I have stated my intention, I will elaborate:

  • This election is not about Republicans or Democrats or Independents or Libertarians. It is about Americans and our Rights and Responsibilities as American Citizens.
  • We, The People must stand together, ALL of us UNITED!
  • We need to close our eyes to our   physical differences like color,  religion,  gender, sexual orientation, economic status, education level, etc.
  • We need to open our eyes and realize the common thread that we all share and that should be the most important part of us: We are AMERICANS.
  • As Americans, we are able to say what we feel, think, want. We live in a country that has written into its very foundation Freedom and Liberty and Justice for all, equally.
  • We, the People are the ones who decide who we will entrust with the great honor of representing us as the leader of our country.
  • We decide who will be the one whom will protect our rights as stated within the Constitution of the United States of America.

Those who fought for our freedom from a tyrannical government so long ago did so with the hope for future generations of Americans; to live as a sovereign nation whose citizens are equal and may live with the freedom to be themselves.

We are truly blessed to be Americans and should never take that for granted.

As a child in public school, I stood with my fellow classmates every day facing our flag.  I placed my hand over my heart and together we said: “”I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.””.

I learned as a child what those words meant, why it was important as an American to respect our Flag and how our country came to be. I am proud to be an American and forever grateful to those who fought and died to ensure that I am able to think, speak my mind and be whatever I choose to be.

We, as Americans have the freedom to be individuals. We are free to state our opinions even if they differ from the opinion of others.

We are free to choose our career, our lifestyle, our place to live, who we love, what we believe, what to spend our money on, how to help others’ etc.

We, the People Choose Our Leaders. I believe that many of us have taken for granted just how powerful that right is.

We have allowed those whom we have elected to divide our people with rhetoric, propaganda and lies.

“United, We Stand…divided, We fall.”

I haven’t been a student for quite a number of years, but I am left to wonder if our children are still taught what it means to be an American?

I wonder if they stand together every morning and face the Flag of the United States of America, put their little hands over their hearts and pledge their allegiance to it?

Are they taught about the freedoms that they have and of the lives that have been sacrificed to protect those freedoms?

Are they taught about the great responsibility they have to insure that future generations will be protected by those same rights?

Do they understand that vigilance is vital to the preservation of this Great Republic?

I have serious doubt as to whether or not any of the things that taught me about the inception and history of The United States of America, the price of freedom and the pride I feel as an American are still a part of the curriculum.

This election is far more serious than many seem to understand. It is not about who said what to whom or by the factually baseless propaganda that has been fed to the media for us to hear.

It is not about the multitude of entertainers who are telling us who to vote for, nor is it about our current President telling us who we MUST vote for as he misuses our hard-earned tax dollars to fly around the country campaigning for a candidate who is currently being investigated by the Federal government. (several different cases being investigated.)

I am deeply offended by our President’s lack of respect for me and the money I pay in taxes. I pay my taxes to better our country and help our people. I do not work my ass of day in and day out to have him take my hard-earned money at a cost of $200,000.00 per hour fly Air Force One around the country to campaign for any candidate.

I am deeply offended by the complete disregard for the truth by our current administration as well as those in our Justice Department who have allowed politics to infect our government with such widespread corruption that our Republic is in jeopardy of being completely destroyed.

We have become immune to the crimes against us committed by those we have put into office and that scares me beyond measure.

When we have leaders with no integrity whom are out to enrich themselves at our expense and we, who have the choice to stop them turn a blind eye to their crimes…we are in deep trouble.

When did lying to us become acceptable? When did we become so oblivious to what is right in front of our faces?

Why are we so lazy that we trust the media to tell us the truth despite the proof of their dishonesty?

How can we simply look the other way when we are provided with factual evidence of corruption, of collusion, of lies, of cover-ups?

How can we continue to ignore the message and “shoot the messenger” when the truth is exposed?

I am heartbroken as I witness a person with no independent thoughts, ideas, feelings, or reasoning run for the most important job in the United States. A shell of a person, a “robot” if you will, who does not speak from her heart,  has no loyalty to anyone but those who have paid for their opinions and policies to be what is most important…A candidate who does not speak without every single word, thought, idea, policy, decision, and even tweet crafted by a team of people who have no desire to protect We. the People, our Constitutional Rights, or the Sovereignty of our great nation.

I beg of you, my fellow Americans educate yourselves before you vote. Read the Wikileaks emails, watch the Project Veritas Videos,  visit the FBI Vault.gov website and read for yourself the “302’s” (notes) of the original email investigation of Mrs. Clinton.

Listen to the President in his own words as he tells an illegal immigrant to go ahead and vote even though she is not legally allowed to do so.

I am not bashing anyone. Mr. Trump is flawed, as all humans are. I would say that Mrs. Clinton is flawed, but with her it is far worse. I say this not because of what I have heard, but because of what I have learned through the myriad of factual evidence available on the internet.

ytrsI have provided 3 separate places to learn about the facts, please…If you love this country and the freedom we have as citizens of it, take the time to at least check out the three I have mentioned before you vote.

I, for one do not want to live in a socialist or globalist nation with no borders. For the love of our country, please learn the truth before you vote.

God Bless America.


2 thoughts on “I Am Truly Heartbroken…

  1. If the WORST happens and the people’s voices are not respected, I can only imagine our future. Upon learning more and more about how far reaching the “tentacles” go from the top to the very bottom, I have a valid fear that the United States as we know it will be dissolved and in its place if (God Forbid) the corrupt robot mouthpiece manages to steal its way into office will be a borderless socialist part of a single world government. If you want to watch an interesting documentary, go to youtube and look up Glenn Beck/George Soros. Also check out a video put out by info wars called “Who is Huma”. Very enlightening. Hope you guys are well? Ziggy sends Vinnie his best! Take care.


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