With the 2016 Presidential Election only a few weeks away, I am troubled by the fact that one of the major party candidates running for the office of President of the United States has not answered many of the questions that I feel need to be answered before November 8, 2016.

I, like millions of other American Voters am frustrated and irritated by the obvious lack of action on the part of the Department of Justice with regard to a referral made by the Congressional Judiciary Committee (Oversight)early in July of this year. The referral was provided to the D.O.J. after the testimony of the FBI Director, James Comey showed that Hillary Clinton lied under oath to Congress during their investigation into the tragedy which cost the lives of four Americans in Benghazi.

What exactly is going on in our Justice system? It appears to me that they are trying to run down the clock until after the election to look into this case and determine whether or not to indict Mrs. Clinton for Perjury. I am sick and tired of the “other set of laws” which have been applied to Mrs. Clinton. She has maneuvered her way out of being held accountable for far too many acts that would have resulted in criminal prosecutions for any other American. The fact that Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States (the “Top Dog” at the D.O.J.) had a secret meeting with Bill Clinton in her private plane just two days before Mr. Comey announced his decision not to recommend criminal charges in the case against Mrs. Clinton was blatantly obvious to me and millions of other Americans…Corruption at the highest level.

How convenient that the A.G.and the target of a huge FBI investigation ended up chit-chatting about their grand kids and golf on Mrs. Lynch’s private plane on a tarmac with the investigation coming to a close in just two days. This wreaks of collusion and shows me just how little respect for We, The People these government officials have.

I am not a legal expert, but I am intelligent enough to know the difference between right and wrong. I also have common sense. When the facts are before me and there is no denying the OBVIOUS (despite the “spin” being put on the facts by the media)what then?

Our Constitution is sacred. It contains the laws of the United States America which apply to ALL American Citizens. Nowhere in our Constitution does it say “Unless your name is Clinton” with regard to our Justice System. Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R), Utah wrote a fantastic article which I have pasted below. It explains a great deal to me about where the “buck” stops in this current situation with regard to Mrs. Clinton. Many Democrats have made reference to Mr. Chaffetz and a few others on the Judiciary Committee being on a “witch hunt”with regard to Mrs. Clinton. I, for one disagree. I want answers before the election, and so should you. This is about equal justice under the law and your rights as an American Citizen.

I welcome your comments below,and hope that you also can see that the buck has stopped at the executive level of government which proves that some very “odd” things are going on at the top. We need to stand together and demand answers from our government officials. If we do not stand together, our country will fall apart and the very core of our nation’s basic freedoms and liberty will be subject to failure. Lady justice is blindfolded. She does not see race, religion, gender, republican or democrat. When her blindfold has been removed and she ignores the crimes of any one American, we have lost our equality as Americans. Ask yourself this…What then?

*The following article is written by Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R) Utah

“In the quest to root out waste, fraud and abuse, government is a target-rich environment. Thanks to open records laws, audits, inspectors general and Congressional oversight, Americans are privy to a great deal of information about their government that is unavailable in most other countries on the planet.

Yet too frequently, when government malpractice is uncovered and released, it is greeted with a collective yawn.

I’m deeply troubled by a developing narrative that suggests sunshine — in the form of investigations and public exposure of government wrongdoing — is a waste of time and money.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Justice Brandeis famously said sunlight is the best disinfectant. This is true on several levels. Shining a light on wrongdoing can deter similar activities, create public pressure to force change, drive legislative action and even affect election outcomes.

But if feelings of cynicism, futility or apathy mute public response, oversight becomes neither a deterrent nor a threat. Again and again I hear from people who question whether investigations do any good. They perceive Congress can’t or won’t do anything to hold people accountable.

In truth, there are some things we can’t do — things the public would like us to do. Understanding the limits of Congressional power may help alleviate the feelings of futility some Americans feel and help all of us direct our energies to the activities that actually can force change.

What can’t we do? Congress does not have the authority to arrest, prosecute or jail anyone. The Constitution expressly grants that power to the executive branch, which has largely abrogated that authority under this administration.

Secondly, while Congress may have the power of the purse to cut agency budgets, we don’t have the power to control exactly how the executive branch implements the cuts. When we cut the IRS budget, the agency chose to cut the most important services — like customer service — in order to drum up public support for restoring funding. This ultimately hurt the public more than it hurt the IRS.

Fortunately, thanks to transparency and sunlight, the impact of an investigation goes beyond those factors the executive branch can control. They may refuse to prosecute or fire anyone. They may use budget cuts to hurt the public. But they can’t hide from what happens when the truth comes out.

What happens when darkness is brought to light? First, successful investigations can have a chilling effect on bad behavior. In the absence of market forces to constrain government, the threat of public exposure creates its own restraints. One agency gets called on the carpet and the others begin to clean up their act. We saw this when we exposed extravagant conference spending in one agency, and many others began to cut back. I guarantee you — no government manager wants to come before my committee to defend the indefensible.

Secondly, sunshine can create public pressure to force change. Public backlash can force a recalcitrant president to ask for resignations of culpable officials — as has happened well over a dozen times during my chairmanship. It can also embarrass wayward agencies into changing the way they do business.

Third, exposing truth can build public support for legislation addressing the abuse. Recent hearings into federal obstruction of the Freedom of Information Act led to legislation closing many of the loopholes used to hide documents. Versions of FOIA legislation have now passed both bodies of Congress.

Fourth, public pressure can force the administration to release documents it previously sought to withhold. We’ve seen this happen with the Environmental Protection Agency, IRS, Department of Justice and others.

Finally, sunlight can activate the last and most powerful line of defense — the vote. Our system empowers the public to act when the government will not. Although the power to hold people accountable in the short term rests with the president, the power to hold the president accountable in the long term belongs to the public. At the end of the day, we decide who runs the executive branch.

I will continue to investigate this administration and the next because sunshine still matters. The public has tremendous power to force change. I encourage Utahns to help drive that change by amplifying your concerns. Do not settle for wasteful or incompetent government. We deserve better.”

 –bcbChaffetz, R-Utah, is chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee.

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