The Cover of Darkness Part IV

“There is only one way to go” she said aloud


She ran her sleeve across her face to dry her tears, then turned to look at the stairs wondering which staircase she should ascend.

“What a ridiculous thought, they both curve up to the second floor you big dummy!” she mumbled to herself

She stood, then headed towards the staircase on the right side of the room.

She felt a sense of trepidation as she put her foot on the bottom stair.

A burst of energy shot up her leg like a lightning bolt shooting up from the ground.

Her hand reached for the railing against the wall to steady herself. She felt dizzy as she took the next step up the gold carpeted stairs.

“Whoa…what the hell is wrong with me?” She asked herself

She reached for the other railing to steady herself, took a deep breath and turned her head towards the landing above.  Her legs felt like they weighed five hundred pounds and she struggled to propel them up the stairs.

She stopped for a moment about half way up and thought,  “Geez! I am either getting old or I really need to start working out!” 

Her heart was pounding in her ears as she paused to catch her breath.

After a brief rest she said aloud:  “Onward and Upward!”

She was determined to reach the top of this weird staircase and forced herself to ignore the numbing pain she now felt in her legs and feet. It was as though an unseen force was preventing her from reaching the top.

It became increasingly difficult to take the next step in her ascension. She felt as though she was stuck in some kind of  thick, gooey mud. She had to release one hand from the safety of the rail in order to grasp her leg and physically lift it up to the next stair.

She closed her eyes and thought about a favorite story from her childhood: “The Little Engine That Could.”

She began chanting a phrase from it as she opened her eyes and focused them on the landing that was now only a few steps away….

“I think I can, I Think I Can, I THINK I CAN” She said in a loud voice

She visualized herself as a sleek, streamlined locomotive, shooting like a bullet up the remaining few stairs.

“I know I can, I Know I Can, I KNOW I CAN!” She panted, propelling herself upwards aided by a force from her subconscious mind which pushed her upward.

As she reached the apex of the seemingly endless climb, she was greeted with applause and the sound of hundreds of invisible voices cheering for her.

” Ah hell,” she thought “my crazy head is at it again!”

She then took the final step and sighed deeply as she planted both feet on the second floor.

“Whew! I made it!” she panted

She was still holding the railings on either side to steady herself while she caught her breath. She wished she had a chair…then realized she was sitting in one.

She took a moment to let that sink in. She decided that she would no longer be bothered by anything that happened to her in this strange place. “Reality” in this place was quite unreal to her.

She felt as though she was a character in a Lewis Carroll novel (previously  unpublished) and that here, anything was possible…not only possible, but likely.

She sat upright and surveyed the second floor.

She was stunned by what she saw. She was no longer sitting on a chair….She was seated on a golden throne encrusted with thousands of shimmering gems in a variety of glittering colors which sparkled and glowed with such brilliance.She could not look directly at them lest she render herself blind from the light which pierced the darkness with the intensity  of laser beam.

“How can this be?” she thought

Celestial lights…dancing…dancers gracefully moving to the rhythm of music that she could not hear.

She was the music then.

She was the melody shimmering outward in perfect pitch, creating magical harmonies in colors which were far beyond the spectrum of her world.

She abandoned herself to this spectral delight, releasing her fears and dogmatic beliefs to this magical dance.

She was joy. She was happiness.She was energy. She was no longer “She”.

This was life in its ever-changing, yet constant flow. This chaos was not without a pattern. this was the force which creates everything eternally. There were no separate parts, yet there were… Instinctively  returning to this incredible dance….She was home…

A loud “BOOM!” sounded and she was jolted back into the chair…


To be continued….






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