The Cover of Darkness Part III

The woman opened the thick wooden doorturned to her and said “come inside, dear”

She looked around nervously then walked quickly through the open door, which slammed shut of its own volition behind her. She heard the click  sound of a lock sliding into place. She was startled by the sound and spun around to see who had locked the door. There was no one there.

She slowly turned around and moved down a narrow hallway following the warm delicious smell of fresh-baked cookies. She didn’t realize just how hungry she was until she caught the scent of them and her stomach began to growl.

At the end of a very long hallway, was a round foyer with a curved stairway on two sides. The first floor had six closed doors (three on each side) and between the two staircases was a thick wooden table with an odd variety of fresh-cut flowers,  knickknacks, stones, crystals and a plate full of still warm chocolate cookies upon it.


“Hello?” she called out to the woman. “Ma’am, are you here?”


“Ma’am, where have you gone? Are you here Ma’am?”


“I’m going to have a few of these great smelling cookies Ma’am, I hope that’s okay?


She picked up a few cookies (still warm) and munched down one, then another, and another. She wished she had a tall glass of ice-cold milk as she reached for another handful of cookies. Her hand nearly knocked over the glass of milk which she was sure was not there just a moment ago. She shook her head in disbelief as she glanced around the room in search of the person who somehow sneaked into the room to put the milk there without her seeing them.

“Ma’am, is this some kind of a prank you are playing on me?” “Ma’am??”

She was becoming quite nervous as her questions were again answered with silence. She picked up the glass then gulped down all of the milk and set the empty glass down on the table with a loud burp.

She giggled nervously, hoping that no one had heard her belch, (so un-lady like and rude).

She looked around the room again, then walked toward the closed doors on the right side of the room. She knocked on the first, waited for a response, then turned the knob…locked.


“Damn!” she muttered, then made her way to the second door, the third door which were also locked.

She moved across the foyer to the doors on its left wall. To her dismay,  all three were locked.

Frustrated, she leaned against the wall. “Okay, that clenches it, I’ve lost my mind”. She mumbled.

Her eyes filled with tears and she gave in to the sobs that rocked her body from head to toe…She could no longer ignore the pain she held deep within for far too long…She was scared.

To be Continued…



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