Humanity, Compassion & Kindness

       This is not about politics. This is not about politicians. This is not about politicizing.

             This is about Humanity. This is about Compassion. This is about Kindness. 

This year the United States has been inundated with tragedy. The devastating human- caused events have emphasized the problems that plague not only the United States, but the entire World. The complete disregard for taking the life of another human being is unconscionable to me and cuts me to the very core of my being.

Tears fall from my eyes even as I write this knowing that before I have finished this post there will be even more senseless loss of human lives at the hands of another.

Mother Nature has done her part as well. Devastating loss of life and destruction on a grand scale. Natural Disasters sadly, cannot be prevented nor can they ever be fully prepared for despite our best efforts.

The horrible wild fires raging in the west have proven this by burning hundreds of thousands of acres of land and the homes, businesses, and lives of many who lived and worked there.

Louisiana is the latest victim. Water, the weapon she has chosen to increase her destruction of the United States this year. Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, gone.

 Humans and animals… lives gone.

Both the fires and the flood have shown they do not discriminate. They are thorough in their devastation…Without taking notice of color, creed, religion, sexual identity or race…they destroy everything in their path.

  Everything in the path of these horrific natural disasters…gone.

My deepest and most heartfelt prayers go out to the victims and their families. I am at a loss to find words which express the depth of empathy I feel for all of you as you now face the challenges of an uncertain future after such devastating loss. While I am without the financial resources to provide my support to you, I will do what I can to help you recover. I want you to know that I care about you, and that you will not be forgotten in your time of need. Hope may be the only thing I can offer you right now, but the gift of Hope is the promise of better days to come. May God Bless you all and provide you the strength and the courage to believe that It Will Get Better.

I want to share a very special post which was on my Facebook page’s timeline this morning. It touched my heart and renewed my faith in humanity.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, this is not about politics, politicians or politicizing. I copied and pasted the story below in its entirety because I believe it needs to be shared. Please put aside your opinions about “why” it happened, and “who” benefited “what”. Please read it with an open mind. I did and my reaction was simply this: Thank you for your compassion, your kindness and for providing hope to the victims of this tragedy in their time of need.


I am not promoting any person or political group whatsoever. I am simply sharing the kindness, love, compassion and integrity  which shows the true nature of this man. To him I say this:  Thank you for your kindness. God Bless You.

Here is the post:

“From someone who was there. Louisiana resident Courtney Felker Peters:”

“Ok since the media will not tell anyone about this I will at least tell my friends and make this public so y’all can share and tell yours as well because I think it needs to be said.

 Donald Trump visited Louisiana today. He brought with him a truck loaded with food, supplies, and toys that he personally passed out. He also donated money to a flood relief charity. He went and walked flooded houses in a community. He didn’t ask for state police or military security, I imagine he may have had his personal security with him but hey he pays them so not my business. He didn’t ask for any road to be closed to bring him in or an escort to his destination, matter of fact he didn’t inform the government of his visit at all.

He didn’t care if the government knew he was coming, he just came and brought needing people needed supplies. And the news covered it about 15 seconds and then used it as a hit piece to plug Obama’s visit that will happen. It was just wrong on many levels. No matter of you agree with Trump political are not what he done today was honorable and good, and he did it without making a big deal of himself. I hope more people of his statue will do the same in the same way, without all the hype of announcing their visit with intent of a public photo op.”

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