A Northern Nevada “Hidden Gem”

Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend said he was going to take Ziggy for a “quick” run. He asked me if I wanted to go but I declined…(97 degrees outside and the threat of late afternoon thunderstorms were the main reasons I opted out!)

I received a text message from him about four hours later that said he went out “Four Wheeling”, but was on his way home. A couple months ago, he bought a beat up ’82 Jeep CJ5 that didn’t run. He has just about finished restoring it and it is beautiful!

He plans to put it up for sale soon so (boys will be boys) he wanted to”make sure” it functioned as it should in a 4 X 4 environment, apparently it did. He and Ziggy drove to Dayton, Nevada and headed into the hills.


Just over the ridge from Dayton


Heading down towards the Carson River

The only way to get into this area is in four-wheel drive. We have gone into this valley (a hidden gem) over a different ridge near Moundhouse, Nevada before, but he wanted to check out the Dayton route to see if it was an easier trek to the River. F.Y.I. it was NOT.

I love this valley. It is difficult to get to, which has (thankfully) preserved most its natural beauty. There are a couple of spots where people have left their mark in the form of graffiti spray painted on large rocks, gun shell casings and trash. Fortunately though, there are very few spots in this valley that have suffered at the hands of disrespectful humans.

The following pictures speak for themselves and explain why I love this Valley…


Need I say more?


Mid-August on the Carson River


The sun provides a beautiful contrast in color as it sets.

Hope you enjoyed the views!



4 thoughts on “A Northern Nevada “Hidden Gem”

    • Well…it just so happens that we’re going to be selling one soon…:) Yes it is really beautiful in many parts of N.NV…We should be heading up to Tahoe here in a couple of weeks (we like to wait til the majority of tourists are gone) The photos from Tahoe will be phenomenal! (only 25 minutes from here)!

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