The Cover of Darkness Part II

She was startled awake by the sound of footsteps that grew louder as they came closer to where she lay.

“Why can’t I see anything?” She thought to herself

Then she remembered. “Dear God, it wasn’t just a horrible dream!” She thought to herself.

She was completely helpless, and had no idea if her present location was hidden or in plain view of the person who was attached to the feet that were very close to her now.

She had no choice but to stay where she was and hope for the best. She was shaking from head to toe, scared and confused and blind. She held her breath as the footsteps reached her and abruptly stopped.

She heard a deep “sigh”.

She felt the bile rise from her stomach and prayed that it not push any further upward.

She felt a breeze as the owner of the feet moved around her.

She caught a faint scent of Lavender.

“Hmmm, ummm, hmmm”  mumbled the owner of the feet

She sat like a statue, no movement except for the uncontrollable shaking.

The bile had reached the base of her throat.

She swallowed with a loud “Glunk”.

well now, why don’t you take that cover from your eyes, young lass?”  said the owner of the feet was a woman who spoke with a thick Irish brogue.

“I can’t” she said

What’s that you can’t?” The woman asked

She thought about that for a moment then reached her hands to the back of her head and untied the blindfold feeling like a fool.

Blinded by the sunlight she squinted her eyes giving them time to adjust.

“So tell me lass, what are you doing way out here? ‘Tis no place for a young lady to be alone!”

“And…why did you have a cover over your eyes?”

She was confused.

“Ma’am, I am not sure where I am. The last thing that I remember with certainty, was stepping into a tall bunch of shrubbery. My memory of what happened after that makes no sense and surely I can not explain it.”

“Well Lass, you come with me now and perhaps together we can figure it all out”. The woman replied

She sat there for a few minutes trying to remember all that had transpired the night before and was startled by the sound of the woman’s voice speaking to her;

“Well, come along, don’t dawdle. As I said, this is no place for a young lass!” 

She  jogged to catch up with the woman who was far ahead of her and mumbling something.

“I’m terribly sorry Ma’am, but I did not hear what you were saying”. She asked the woman

The woman stopped dead in her tracks,  turned on her heels and replied

Lass, if I had been speaking to you, you would have heard me. Now, enough of this nonsense,  they’ll be along soon and you surely do not want to be here when they return”

The woman spun back around with a “whoosh”  and at a brisk pace continued down the path.

She followed the woman closely feeling as though she were in a dream. The mysterious events of last night were dancing around in her mind as she walked.

frsThe path they were on was lined on both sides with a tall hedgerow that seemed to be increasing in height with every step. She closed her eyes for a moment hoping this would clear her head. She silently prayed to be wakened from this bizarre dream.

Ahem…” the woman cleared her throat

She opened her eyes at the sound and was taken aback by what she saw in front of her.

Just a moment ago, she had been walking on a path walled in by hedges (of that she was fairly certain). Now she was steps away from the door of a quaint  thatch-roofed cottage in what appeared to be a very dense forest with very tall trees.

rofsShe felt safe here, of that she was certain.

To be continued…..


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