The Cover of Darkness

Silently, she turns the doorknob.

Before she steps out into the night,  she takes a deep breath.

She hopes she has made it out unnoticed.

As she closes the door behind her, she finally exhales.

She tiptoes across the yard, as the hairs on the back of her neck stand up increasing her level of fear.

She reaches the corner, finds a small unlit patch of ground.

She stops for a moment and slips on her shoes.

She closes her eyes and prays.

Her wish is to find shelter before the morning sun rises.

She stands and dusts herself off, then looks back along the path she has just walked.

Seeing nothing,  she steps out of the shadows and starts down the street at a rapid pace.

Her fear slowly dissolving as she moves further away.

She increases her pace to a full run.

She runs for several miles as the light of dawn casts an eerie glow on the horizon.

It is time to find a place to hide.

Fear rises within her.

She sees a thick group of tall shrubs.

She quickly moves toward them hoping that they will indeed keep her concealed until she is able to continue her journey under the cover of darkness.

She finds a small opening in the dense thicket, then squeezes her body in .

She struggles to move through the thick spiny branches which seem to have grown taller.

She finds herself disoriented

She wonders which way to turn to find the exit from this strange place.

The branches that surround her suddenly come to life…

She feels their snake-like limbs circle her wrists and ankles.

She is unable to move.

“This is all in my head” she thinks.

She closes her eyes.

I am spinning” …

“I AM SPINNING!”  She screams aloud

She tries (in vain) to open her eyes,

as she continues to spin out of control.

“What the HELL is going on?” 

She screams.


She has been blindfolded…By whom? How? Why?

“What the HELL is going on?”

She screams again

Her feet lift off the ground,

she spins faster…

Going up or going down?

Her fear rises in a crescend…

she spins into the abyss.

Suddenly… she is still

Her feet planted on solid ground.

The painful restraints are gone from her wrists and ankles.

Yet she is  still unable to see.

She hears the laughter of children,

the timbre of their voices, joyful.

The sounds of their laughter grow closer.

She is not alone.

She clears her throat and says:

“Help me, whomever you are… please help me!”

” I know you are near because I hear your laughter.”

“I can’t see you though.”

“Will you please remove the blindfold from my eyes.”

The laughter abruptly, stops.

A cacophony of whispering voices.

Whispers in the darkness.

She feels them surround her

the gentle touch from their whispered breaths,

against her tender skin.


She is alone, she is blind.

She falls to her knees as a single tear finds its way down her face


The sound of the tear as it hits the ground.

She uses her hands to feel the area around her then  finding no obvious danger, lies down.

She gives in to the velvet darkness  falling into a deep sleep….

To Be Continued…

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