I couldn’t have said it better!

The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon. -George Washington
Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. – Abraham Lincoln




From Fox News Insider:

“Dr. Ben Carson says leaked emails that reveal top officials with the Democratic National Committee discussing how to undermine Bernie Sanders are further proof that the system is rigged.

“I knew that there was corruption, but the level of corruption throughout the political system is overwhelming. And I’m talking about the established Democrats and the established Republicans who are much more interested in holding on to power and their positions than they are about their party or about their country,” Carson said on “Fox and Friends” this morning. “This is really very sad, and I hope that more people will wake up and see what’s happening.”

Carson said that the Republicans are corrupt, but the DNC is “completely corrupt,” which is why Donald Trump was able to break through in the GOP, while Sanders was undermined by the Democrats.

He said it was particularly troubling to see DNC officials emailing about how to attack Sanders’ religion – or alleged lack thereof.

“We have freedom of religion, people fought and died so we can have that,” Carson said. “We need to protect all of our citizens. That is really the key when we talk about liberty and justice for all.”

I detest politics, to be honest with you. It’s a cesspool. And I don’t think I would fare well in that cesspool because I don’t believe in political correctness and I certainly don’t believe in dishonesty. – Dr. Ben Carson


Honesty, integrity, and accountability, the values, which should be the hallmark of this government, have instead been thrown under the bus by an arrogant majority, casualties in a misguided campaign to shield from accountability those who abuse this House. – Louise Slaughter

Dishonesty in government is the business of every citizen. It is not enough to do your own job. There’s no particular virtue in that. Democracy isn’t a gift. It’s a responsibility.    Dalton Trumbo

The following is from “NPR” (Reno Public Radio) full article can be accessed by clicking here:click here

“Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is coming under fire for her claim that FBI Director James Comey said her past statements about the use of emails were “truthful” and that she never sent or received classified materials from her personal server.

The email issue, which has dogged the Clinton campaign for months, was brought up again during a sit-down interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. During the interview Wallace played video of Clinton saying:

“I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time.”

The claim:Wallace said to Clinton during the interview that following a lengthy probe, “FBI Director James Comey said none of those things you told the American public were true.”

After thanking Wallace for the opportunity to clarify, Clinton stated:

Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.”

The big question

Is it true that the FBI director called Clinton’s answers “truthful” in regards to sending classified email over her private server? The short answer:


During testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee last month, Comey was peppered with questions from a litany of Republican lawmakers mystified that the FBI recommended against bringing criminal charges against Clinton.

One of those lawmakers, Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., who also served as the chair of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, had this exchange with Comey during a July 7 hearing:

    Gowdy: “Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails either sent or received, was that true?”

    Comey: “That’s not true. There were a small number of portion markings on, I think, three of the documents.”

    Gowdy: “Secretary Clinton said, ‘I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email, there is no classified material.’ Was that true?”

    Comey: “No there was classified material emailed.”


If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. You can’t buy it. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing. – Henry Kravis

Have you been wondering why there is such an obvious bias in the mainstream media’s reporting of politics? This may provide some insight:

1) ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser.

2) CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

3) ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Obama Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.

4) ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.

5) ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.

6) CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

7) ABC Reporter George Stephanopolis had his own office in the White House during Bill Clinton’s Presidency

8) ABC Political Contributor Donna Brasile has just been hired (temporarily?) to replace N.W.S. as the Top Dog of the DNC. (Mrs. Clinton stated that she was pleased that her friend of many years (Donna Brasile) was hired).

Public confidence in the integrity of the Government is indispensable to faith in democracy; and when we lose faith in the system, we have lost faith in everything we fight and spend for.  – Adlai E. Stevenson

I want to mention that despite the hard work and determination of certain people who are in the public eye, to deceive and/or boldly LIE to the American People, There is evidence of hidden forces at work within them. Forces of goodness, of honesty of integrity that have the power to make the truth spill from the lips of a liar to expose what is in the liar’s heart… From her own lips came these words:

From Fox News Insider:

“During a speech to fire up supporters in Omaha, Hillary Clinton said: she would raise taxes on the “middle class.”

She was joined at the event by billionaire investor Warren Buffet, who endorsed Clinton late last year and supports higher taxes on the wealthy.

“Because while Warren is standing up for a fairer tax code, Trump wants to cut taxes for the super-rich,” Clinton said.

Well, we’re not going there, my friends. I’m telling you, right now – we’re going to write fairer rules for the middle class and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!”

The crowd appeared not to notice the presumable slip of the tongue, and went on cheering”.

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.         – Abraham Lincoln

And finally just an FYI:

Perjury: Legal Definition: the crime of telling a lie in a court of law after promising to tell the truth 

A crime that occurs when an individual willfully makes a false statement during a judicial proceeding, after he or she has taken an oath to speak the truth.

The common-law crime of perjury is now governed by both state and federal laws. In addition, the Model Penal Code, which has been adopted in some form by many states and promulgated by the Commission on Uniform State Laws, also sets forth the following basic elements for the crime of perjury: (1) a false statement is made under oath or equivalent affirmation during a judicial proceeding; (2) the statement must be material or relevant to the proceeding; and (3) the witness must have the Specific Intent to deceive. The punishment for perjury in most states, and under federal law, is the imposition of a fine, imprisonment, or both. Federal law also imposes sentencing enhancements when the court determines that a defendant has falsely testified on her own behalf . and is convicted. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the court is required to automatically increase the defendant’s sentence.

Two federal statutes govern the crime of perjury in federal proceedings codifies the Common Law of perjury and consists of the elements listed above: Title 18 U.S.C.A. § 1621

 Your Vote is Your Voice. Stand Up and Be Heard!

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