Wind Swept Mind

Ignorance is bliss, they say (but I’m not really sure about who “they”are)

I do wonder though, is it really bliss?

I have spent a relatively short time mulling the concept of blissful ignorance over in my mind

To be fair, I felt that I should begin the “mulling” process on an equal playing field (as not to lose my objectivity when determining the results)

I decided to allow the wind to sweep my mind clean (thus providing me with a  thoughtless, non-judgemental, non-intelligent, empty mind from which to begin my research)

I must interject here with the last random thought I had before my mind had been swept clean by the wind…I was an “Air Head”! (I giggled )

Having nothing between my ears, except…umm nothing…nevermind.

I sat back and listened to nothing. I think??? Huh? Oh, not sure where I  was going with that…Hmmm.

I got up and turned on the TV.

The evening news was on.

I sat back down in my comfy chair.

I watched the news. I listened to the news. I heard what the news told me.

They said in the news commercial that the news  provided me, the viewer with “fair and impartial, unbiased reporting of the stories that matter most to me”.

There is no reason for me to not believe them.

They said that the world is full of nice stuff, and people who are nice, and that nothing is wrong with the world and that the sun is shining for the next hundred years with flowers blooming and happy faces drinking sweet delicious Kool-Aid.

Who would desire anything more than that?

Wait….Hold on…What the hell is going on?

Outside my window…

It’s pouring down rain and the wind is howling!

Ignorance is bliss.






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