Ziggy’s Big Announcement!

Hello again!

Ziggy (The Dog) here…

I have a Big Announcement to make but first I want to let you know what led up to my decision…

I will begin by telling you this: while I was still in the custody of the Animal Shelter, I was neutered. I did not choose to be neutered. I was not asked whether or not I may want to be a father at some time in the future, it was simply “snip snip” done.

To this day, because I was not given the right to choose , I am deeply disturbed…but what is done, is done.

The fact that I cannot father a litter of my own has made a huge impact on how my relationships have gone.

I have been what you humans might call a “player”. Since I am sterile, I figure I may as well enjoy my youth and sow as many wild oats as I can before I settle down with one bitch.

I have dated a lot of bitches over the past couple of years; tall ones, short ones, skinny ones,  chubby ones.

Some had long hair, some had short hair, some even had curly hair.

I am an equal opportunity dog so when it comes to race, I could care less what breed they are(as long as they are kind).

I have spent time with older bitches, younger bitches and even a few that were my age.

I dated a few who were looking for a Daddy for their pups.(one of them openly admitted that she had a one night stand with a boxer and ended up pregnant).

I spent a great deal of time debating whether I should settle down with one of the single moms I dated.

One part of me was feeling the paternal instinct in me pull me in that direction, but I decided that I would rather not have to deal with the emotional baggage of the mom’s who had been left to face raising their pups alone. (Could be a lot of resentment there, and that could bite me in the ass at some point).

During my time as a “player” I did not consciously realize that I was determining what qualities were important in the dog I would ultimately settle down with.

There were things that I loved and hated in many of the bitches I spent time with.

The amazing thing to me is how my mind was doing background work while I was busy doing the “physical work”. (if you know what I mean…Wink).

While I  really (really, really) enjoyed playing the field, I am bored with meaningless, purely physical relationships. (That sounds crazy, huh? Well its true. )

Having said that, I would like to make an official announcement: I have a girlfriend!

Her name is Lu-Lu.and she has the most beautiful eyes!

They are the most intense shade of copper that I have ever seen.

She is a pure bred solid black Labrador Retriever. She is a couple of years older than me, but that doesn’t slow her down at bit.

She loves to get down and dirty when we wrestle and truth be told, she has kicked my ass more than once!

She lives with the people who own the workshop that my Papa rents (he works on his car restorations and his wood projects there) so I am able to spend a lot of quality time with her.

We get along really well and she is okay with my being sterile, because she can’t have puppies either.

Yesterday, my Mom and I went to check on her in the morning. Her parents are out-of-town and we are taking care of her in their absence.

She and I were wrestling in the yard when suddenly something inside me said: “She’s the one!”

I stood up, shook the dust off of me, looked into those beautiful eyes and asked her to be my one and only. She snuffed, turned and started to walk away, tail wagging slowly…taunting me.

I ran up and stood directly in her path. She looked me in the eyes and said “Woof”. (“Yes” in dog-speak).


I am one ecstatic dog!

Mom took some photographs of Lu-Lu and me for “posterity”. (I Love You Mom!)

Hope you like them….. I’ll write again soon.




5 thoughts on “Ziggy’s Big Announcement!

  1. Congratulations!! Huny here (chihuahua, and far too often a ‘puppy mama’ in my youth). I have a friend of mine staying with me too, Taco (what a name!!) who is a few years older than I, and who, like you, is a bit of a play-eh. Some sharp woorfs and a snap on the nose once cured him of being overly familiar though. (we’re both fixed and I’ve done my time as I see it). I found your blog through “Weird Guy With A Dog” and now am following you around. I promise to behave myself and not sniff your butt unless invited though! Warm Regards!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Huny! you are welcome to sniff my butt, but only if you are willing to accept the fact that despite my sleek, muscular 66 pound streamlined size, I am fearful of Chihuahua’s! This is no big secret, but it is rather embarrassing. You see, my Mom’s friend has one of your type, and she is just plain mean to me. I am submissive when I see her, hell I even lay all the way down and let her know that there’s no problems, but she still comes after me no matter what I do. (most times, I run). However, Mom has another friend who has a little guy like you…(Bugsy). He’s willing to play with me so I am slowly getting over my fear. Thanks for being my friend!


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