Ziggy Swims…Again!


…And our Flag was still there!

Come on Ziggy…It’s like 500 degrees outside right now…You SERIOUSLY want to go somewhere?

“Grrrrrr, Arf!” (I am bored Mom! I need to burn off some of this energy, heat or no heat, NOW!)

You, my lovey doggie, are a relentless turd sometimes! Argh! Do you even care if I drop dead from heat stroke? Of course you do, my Ziggy…

“BARK! BARRRRRK! BAAAAARRRRRKKKKK!” (Get over yourself, Mom…I am not going to sit here in this swamp cooled house all day and watch you fart around. I am Bored! Let’s Go NOW!)

Geez ZIG…Alright! Alright! STOP Attacking me.

Ziggy’s “attacks” consist of him putting his full 70 pound dead weight body on top of me, (that way I can’t move) then, he attacks my face with his kisses. He does this relentlessly until I give in to his demands.

(Yes, Cesar Milan, I am guilty of treating my dog like  a human child!)

Okay Mr. Zignowski..you win. get off me and I will take you somewhere.

“Woof!”(It’s about damn time Mom!)

I know from experience that I have exactly 3.5 seconds after I agree to do what he wants, to get my purse, keys, sunglasses and water.

If I do not have at least one foot outside the door in that short span of time, Ziggy will herd me (like a good Border Collie does) through the door. He will continue to herd me until we reach the car.

A friend of mine was over a few days ago and was shocked by my lack of parental control with Ziggy. I laughed and told her; “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, wait til he herds me!” She said; “hurts you? What the hell do you mean he hurts you?”( I nearly busted my gut laughing at that one!)

Meanwhile…back at the car…I opened the door, we hopped in. I finished putting on my seat belt and looked up to find a pair of Ziggy eyes staring at me. His ears were up as if to say:”Where are we going, Mom?”

Zig, I’m thinkin’ that maybe…”Whine”(What Mom?)

Maybe…Just maybe…”Whine, whine” (Say it Mom! Say it MOM!)

We should Maybe take Ziggy for…”WHINE, Arf, WHINE!!” (Stop Teasing me and SAY THE WORD NOW MOM…Take Ziggy WHERE?)

Maybe Ziggy would like to go for a Swim?

BARKKKKKKKBARK WHINE BARK!!!!” (Are You Shitting me? Of Course I want To Go For A Swim!Yahoooooo!)

I decided to take him to the river, but not his usual swim spot at the river.

He barked as we drove through town. He barked as we turned on to a dirt road (one that he was not familiar with) he barked until I parked the car under a nice shady tree.

I hopped out of the car and he sat there with his ears up, unsure about what he should do, since he did not know where we were.

Come on Zig, do you want to swim or what? I asked

He hopped out of the car and followed me through a fairly thick bunch of bushes, down a dirt path, still not too sure about where I was leading him.

Then he heard the sound of the river water and gave me a loud “BARK” of understanding.

I tossed a rock into the river, and he was gone in a splash!


I decided to take some pictures of him doing his favorite thing…swimming. Then I looked around  and snapped a few pictures of the landscape…

Ziggy swam for about an hour, biting at the bubbles in the water, until I stood up and said: Are you ready to go Zig?

He hurried to the shore, hopped out of the water,  ran to catch up with me then shook the water and sand out of his fur (and all over me). I swear, he was laughing!


…”Say Does That Star Spangle Banner Yet Wave…”

As we headed back up the path to the car, I  saw something that made my heart skip a beat. Just beyond where I had parked the car, there was a big hill. The hill was nothing special, typical sage brush, and local weeds covered it.

This hill was different though. My eyes were drawn to its peak…Proudly flying at the top of a generic desert hill in the middle of nowhere, Nevada was an American Flag.

As I mentioned earlier, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Flag. I am proud to be an American. I am blessed to have been born in this Great Nation. I love my Country and am grateful for the freedom that I enjoy in The United States of America.

With all of the corruption and lies in the government that have been exposed lately, I have been deeply hurt and angered because this is MY Country, and I feel that We deserve better from our public servants than to be lied to.  We have put our trust in them to protect us, to manage our interests selflessly, and with integrity.

I am angry. I am hurt, I am disgusted, I am ashamed. However, no matter what those few corrupt assholes have done to harm me and my fellow American Citizens, I am and will always be Proud to be an American. We need to take out the trash in government, flush the toilet and wipe our hands of the liars who have not upheld their oath to us. We are One Nation Under God. Let us stand together. God Bless America!

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