Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

There lived a young lass who was a bit of a dreamer.

(Not to say that she was a fool, no she surely was not that!)

She knew she was “different”.

She was not like the others’ who lived in her village.

Though she worked along-side them (and worked very hard, I might add)                              she was uncomfortable while in their presence.

Her true self, she hid deep within.

She did not wish to be seen as a rabble-rouser or troublemaker (God forbid)

which would be the result of questioning what all villagers had been taught since birth; “The Only Truth”.

She had witnessed first hand, the consequences given to those who dared to question “The Only Truth”. She did not want to suffer that fate! Instead, she stifled her burning desire for knowledge and suffered in silence.

She forced herself to ignore her inquisitive nature, and to mute her protest against the laws which had been written for  “the common good”. The punishment for those who would dare question “The Only Truth”, dear reader, were horrible!

Terrible, frightening, awful, cruel, vile things.

To speak of them, even as I write this, would empower them and bring them from the depths of hell where they currently reside, into this world to wreak havoc on those who would dare defy the doctrine of “The Only Truth”

Forgive me dear reader, I shall not speak of things I wish not make manifest in this world!

Now…where was I?

Oh yes….Our young lass…

She went about her days as any proper young lass in the Village should. Devoted to the ways of the village, she never shunned her duties.She even offered assistance to fellow villagers wherever there was a need. She was an ideal resident of the village. a complacent, obedient, compliant cog in the wheel.

Day after day she did as was expected of her, never did anyone doubt her sincerity.

No one in the village was even mildly suspicious of her, did not have a clue that she had a secret life.

It was her “real” life.

In her dreams, she was free to seek her truth, safe from prying eyes or judgement!

There (in her dreams) gone was the shroud of fear!

She was free to follow the sacred path of wisdom and understanding.

Her dreams held open for her a magical door…

She was asleep,

yet her eyes were open, as she stepped into a different world.

A world where for the first time, she felt the warm embrace of love.

She felt the tenderness of compassion,

The joy of selflessness,

The joy one receives from unconditional giving

…and the incredible feelings experienced by one who has true empathy for others.

She was free to ask questions and was free to share her thoughts, honestly.

She was free to dance, to sing, to write, to follow her passion…wherever it may lead.

She was free to choose her own destiny!

With renewed energy and filled with joy,  she danced to the rhythm of her heartbeat in this wonderful world.


The rising sun laid a gentle kiss upon her sleeping face.

She yawned, and stretched her arms toward the sky.

She smiled, still in the world of her sleeping dream…


She felt her heart begin to sink.

She took a deep breath.


She exhaled with a heavy sigh, saddened by her reality.


She felt the harsh cold of the truth blow in.

She sat motionless, feeling its icy tendrils wrap her in its chilling embrace.

A bitter taste filled her mouth

A single tear escaped her eye. She wiped it away.

She looked around the room its contents were familiar…

Yet she found no comfort there..

She was wide awake.

Awake in That World…

That World.

That World had stolen her dreams.


The End

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