Where Does Their Moral Compass Point?

This post is so incredibly honest, and well written, I had to reblog! Weird Guy…Wow!

Weird Guy With The Dog

What evil hides in the heart of man, what scourge of deed released on the weak in the name of verse.  Through the passing of eons millions have died, all in the name of a prophet or sage.  Domination of others, even of like mind, only for the gain of a few.  The elixir of control brings the strongest of cruelty from their depraved minds.  Though evil is apparent, in full view of all, many cry out for calm and understanding.

All do not share in these deeds, blame cannot be blanketed.  Yet as a whole, they stand by as sons and daughters are perverted in their thoughts, groomed for future death by their own hands.  Never do they voice as one, never do they purge their twisted brethren from their midst.  Where does their moral compass point?

Shall we stand by as thousands die, sacrificed to a viewpoint shared…

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