An Open Letter from the American People

From: The People of the United States of America

July 16, 2016

To: Elected Members of the United States Congress & Senate

Dear Elected Members of the United States Congress & Senate:

This is an open letter to you regarding the outcome of the recent criminal investigation of Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

We, The People of the United States of America whom have chosen you to be our voice in our government, feel that you have not upheld the promise you made to the People of the United States of America under oath.

We feel that you have not upheld your sworn duty to treat every American Citizen equally under the Laws which govern our country.

We have witnessed time and time again a set of laws applied to those in politics, their families, campaign donors, cronies, or anyone connected to them politically or personally, including those whom have been appointed by them to advise or serve them during their terms in elected office.

These laws are quite different when applied to us, the regular citizens who pay your wages and trust you to do your job. (To insure that we are all treated equal under the same set of laws).

We are not blind, deaf or dumb to the facts which are blatantly obvious in this particular case.

We feel that you have a sworn duty to us, and we demand that you immediately rectify this situation.

The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch was recently asked a few simple and straightforward questions regarding perjury and sharing classified information with anyone who did not have security clearance. This was during her testimony before the Oversight Committee. She refused to answer these questions which would require a simple yes or no.

She repeatedly responded with the same rehearsed “pass the buck” statements over and over.

A five year old child in this country knows that lying under oath is a crime.

Why doesn’t the A.G.?

There is no middle ground when it comes to sharing classified information with those not cleared, nor is there a grey area with regard to lying under oath.

They are both illegal.

Yet the Attorney General is allowed to beat around the bush by providing non-answers to simple yes or no questions. Why?

Mrs. Clinton LIED repeatedly under oath. She did not “mislead”, or tell an “untruth”.


She lied to congress, to the F.B.I. and to us, The People.

She risked the lives of our sons, our daughters, our fathers and our mothers with her careless disregard for protecting classified information, then she denied having done so.

She LIED under oath not once, but repeatedly.

Yet she is running for the highest office in the country? How can this be?

At the very least, you Elected Members of Congress and The Senate must prosecute her for perjury.

We demand that she is held accountable, just as we would be, in a court of law.

We demand that she be prosecuted and if convicted, she serve the same sentence as any American Citizen would serve under the same laws.

It is your sworn duty to insure that our rights are equal under the law, and that we are not subject to a separate set of laws and punishments than our elected members in government.

If you do not pursue criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton for perjury, you need not bother to complete your respective terms in office, as you will not have done the job you promised to do when we hired you.

You are there, because we trust you to represent our best interests, and to insure that EVERY American Citizen is treated equal. This includes those in politics. We are all equally to be held accountable for our actions.

We are One Nation Under God Indivisible with Liberty and Justice FOR ALL, including Mrs. Clinton.

Please hear us, and take the appropriate action to rectify this situation in a timely manner.


The People of the United States of America

*If you wish to have your voice heard in this matter, please sign below, and re-post on your senator/congressman’s page, also, please share/re-tweet.

This is about us, American Citizens. Not one of us is above the law. It is time for us to remind our elected officials that they are a government “Of the People, By the People”.



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