Farewell Bernie.

The campaigns of those running for President of the U.S.A. this year are being played out more like the script of a Soap Opera than an election for the highest office in the land.

Like many,  I cannot help but feel frustrated, disappointed, irritated and at times enraged over the situation.

The announcement made by Bernie Sanders yesterday regarding his endorsement of Hillary Clinton is just one more blatant reminder to all just how truly f&^%ed up our government is.

I did not agree with 99% of Mr. Sanders political platform, however I had a huge amount of respect for the man. He appeared to have integrity, and displayed a willingness to speak the truth without attacking any candidate on a personal level. His arguments (despite the fact that I did not agree with them) were made with conviction and he cited his differences in policies not personalities.  Even when the media attempted to draw him into the soap opera drama, he did not bite. This showed me a great strength of character, as he was the ONLY candidate that I observed who kept his focus on the issues.

Then to my dismay and disgust came his hypocritical endorsement of a proven liar, a criminal whose past and present is mired in scandals, corruption, and deceit.

Well Bern, I have to say that I am really pissed off at your decision to sell out and urge your supporters (of which I am not one) to vote for a woman whom you have made it clear repeatedly in the past is not qualified to be Commander in Chief.

Why am I pissed off if I wasn’t a Bernie for Prez supporter?

Because I thought better of you.

Yep, I was impressed by you standing your ground and standing up for what you believed in (I thought) against the Big Banks, Super Pacs, Pharmaceutical Companies, Special Interests, Wall Street crooks to whom Ms. Clinton owes everything she has attained thus far.

I am far less liberal than you, but I DID have a huge amount of respect for you staying in the race, despite the fact that Clinton had obviously already bought and paid for the electoral votes she needed to win the nomination.

I was actually shocked (in a good way) that a career politician, such as yourself was willing to grow a backbone and stand up for what he believed in, against the very government he is a part of.

Obviously Bern, like just about all career politicians, it was nothing but a bunch of hot air.

I must say though Bern, you sure as hell had me fooled! You are one hell of an actor. A far better actor than the criminal you are now endorsing!

Her arrogance makes me sick.  She commits her crimes right out in the open, then sits with a smug little grin on her face, knowing that she is above the law and will never be prosecuted for them.

You,  yourself Bern, ranted about her campaign being funded by Wall Street, about her phony “Charity Foundations” and many of her other nefarious deeds.

What did it take for you to sell out? Were you threatened? What were you promised in exchange for your hypocrisy Bernie?

As I said, I did not agree with your political views, but I thought much better of you than to cave in to pressure and endorse her. I hope for your sake, it was worth it.

I hope for our Country’s sake that your former supporters do not vote for your hypocritical choice for president. You have failed yourself, and you have failed the people of this Great Country.

Farewell, Bernie.


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