Ziggy Speaks!

We just wanted to share a link with you.(Ziggy and I)


That is Ziggy’s You Tube Channel, where you can see Ziggy in action, and even hear him speak. We are teaching him English however at this point and time it is definitely still “dog speak”.

Ziggy wanted to post his videos here, but I’m currently feeling the crunch of being unemployed and can’t afford the extras (like paid blog plans). At any rate, Ziggy asked me to provide a link for his friends here on Word Press to enjoy….So, Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Ziggy Speaks!

      • and what’s really a tragedy is that my baby (Ziggy) who is such a loving dog, gets stigmatized because of his being a Border collie, Lab and Pit Bull mix. Vinny would be more likely to nip someone than my fur kid, yet people often give wide berth to Ziggy because of their media inspired fear of Pits. Ziggy once caught a baby rabbit on one of his runs, and brought it to me all proud. I was really scared that he had killed it, but he hadn’t. The baby rabbit was damp from Ziggy’s slobber while he was bringing it to me, but other than obviously being scared and shaking, was fine. I told him he was a good boy and we watched the baby rabbit hop off no worse for the wear. Any dog can be vicious, no matter the size…Just like people-it’s mainly about how they are raised. Violence begets Violence. We learn how to act/behave by our parents example. BTW, Yes this is a “Don’t judge all by the actions of a few” rant! Wit regard to my baby (Ziggy) being stigmatized…We found an awesome solution: When folks ask what kind of dog he is, we now tell them he is an “Irish Pubhound” You, my friend, I am sure will get that one ha ha! The scary thing is that several people have said “Oh yes, I’ve heard of them”. LOL! Hey, whatever works! Woof to Vinny!

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