A “Chance” Meeting?

conscience is
the measure of the
honesty of your selfishness.
Listen to it

Richard Bach (from the book “Illusions”)

Ziggy here…Just wanted to share my thoughts on the outcome of the latest Hillary Clinton Scandal. I was watching Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) on TV yesterday, when all of a sudden, Cesar was interrupted (in the middle of an interesting lesson I might add) by a “Special Report”.

My Hu-Mom stopped what she was doing and sat down next to me on the couch. She grabbed the “Katchooey” (Remote Control) and turned up the volume. I inched over and put my head in her lap. Her attention was focused on the FBI Director’s speech (on the TV) as she gently rubbed my furry head.

She called out to my Papa: “Papa, get out here, they finished the investigation into “Crooked Hillary’s” emails”. Papa came and sat down on the other side of me. I stretched my hind leg out for him to scratch (since he was just sitting there).

They were both so into watching the speech that they scratched and rubbed me noteven aware that they were doing so. ( It’s a “Ruff” Life for a Ziggy!)

The FBI dude on the TV continued to talk about that Hillary Clinton lady, and her lack of concern for the Security of the United States. My Mama and my Papa were both barking at the guy on TV. They were upset about what he was saying. I hate it when they get upset, it makes me uncomfortable. (I don’t like to be around negative or tense energy).

They bark sometimes, but they get over it quickly,so I decided to kick back and let them bark rather than bring them a toy (which tends to help me change the subject when they are barking.)

I’ll let Mama take over now. (since I fell asleep for the remainder of the speech.)

“No Criminal Indictment”.

How can that be? Oh, silly me…Loretta Lynch is the Boss. Of course, if you believe that she and Bill just talked about their “grandchildren” during their “chance” meeting on a Phoenix Tarmac, then you likely have no problem with the FBI’s decision not to prosecute the presumptive Democratic nominee for the highest office in the U.S.A.

I, like MILLIONS of other U.S. Citizens am outraged at the decision. She put our National Security at risk, by her “careless” handling of classified emails. She sent AND received Classified Information from her UNSECURED email account while in enemy territory.

She LIED about the fact that she SENT and RECEIVED Classified (including TOP Secret) emails during her term as the Secretary of State, yet she is out campaigning with the current POTUS. How can this be? She has a history of criminal or”questionable” behavior, a past rife with Scandals, yet she has the audacity to run for President?

She, at the very LEAST should be charged with PERJURY! She LIED about sending and receiving classified material via her unsecured personal email server.

To those Americans who intend to vote for her in the upcoming election, despite the fact that she has LIED (again) to WE the People of the United States of America? What is it going to take for you to WAKE UP and smell the injustice, the corruption and the disgusting abuse of power that is Hillary Clinton?

Rigged System???? Hell yes. It is a sad day in America when a person can jeopardize National Security then Lie under oath and still be a contender for the highest office in the land.







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