Let’s take a walk, Ziggy…


Ziggy was focused on the road, trying to figure out where we were going today.


He knew it wasn’t going to be the usual “run” spot


because we had passed the turn off that would have taken us there…


We drove for another two miles or so


turned left (just after the bend in the road) as the River came into view…


The sound of the rushing water had him standing up with his head out of the window…he pulled it back in nd stared at me, whining…


His beautiful eyes lit up with the excitement of knowing where we were.


He then spoke, loud and clear: “MOM Let Me OUT Now!!!!!”


“I Wanna RUN!!!!”


I opened the door and away he went…


I grabbed my keys, grabbed my camera and followed my pup as he sniffed, and marked his way along the trail


I stopped to take a couple of quick photos of this section of rock wall…


This is a very small section of rock wall that was built in the days of the Gold/Silver Rush in Nevada by Chinese immigrants. I cannot imagine how difficult this must have been, and the extreme heat could not have made it any easier for them…


We walked until we found a safe spot for Ziggy to swim, the current is fast and hard right now, the River is high for the first time in several years…This is good!


Then, at last…A good place to jump in and cool off!

To Be Continued….



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