Ziggy Swims!

“Hey Zig, do you want to go for a run”?

“WHAT? Are you kidding?” (Woof, Whine, BARK!)

Maybe we could even go for a swim”?


“Seriously Mom, DID YOU SAY SWIM”????????( Whine, WOOF)

“Is that a yes”?

“Duh, are you stupid, Mom? YES! YES! YES!” (Bark Bark Bark, WOOF, Whine)

Well, quit draggin’ your paws, let’s go”!

(Pant, Pant, Pant Whine Bark Bark Bark)

We hop in the old Ford Van, it takes a bit of time to get it to turn over…

Ziggy is very impatient,  (like a two year old spoiled child) he jumps down from his seat, runs to the back of the van, then returns to his seat, stares at me and begins to whine.

“Hey, I’m trying to get this beast started dear doggie, just chill, will ya”?

“CHILL? Mom, you’re the one who said the words…You said RUN & SWIM! I heard you say those words! RUN, SWIM. Now, you expect me to just sit here? HA!” (BARK! WOOF! BARK! Whine, pant)

Finally, the old engine rumbles to life, the smell of gasoline fills the cockpit as I pump the pedal to keep it alive.

All eyes on me, his ears are up as if to say “What are you waiting for Mom? Let’s Roll”!

(Whine, Whine BARK!)

I shift the old beast into reverse with a loud “CLUNK” (the U-joints are bad) we begin our trek to Ziggy’s favorite “run” spot.

Lots of Jack Rabbits, Lizards and Ground Squirrels  for him to chase.  They run away at top speed when they see the Zig-Meister coming!

We “CLUNK” into drive, and head out of the driveway. He paces, he whines, he sticks his head as far out of the window as he can and Barks non-stop on the way to our destination.

We, naturally hit every red light on the way, (of course) which incites his bark-fest to much higher decibels.

He barks at the people in the cars stopped next to us, he barks at the stoplight, and he barks at me. (like I have control over the damn stoplights?)

I turn up the radio, to try to drown out his barks, he BARKS LOUDER!

Finally, we turn on the road to his run spot!

I begin my descent down the steep unpaved road. ( the starting point of Ziggy’s run.)

I continue down the hole filled, rocky trail just a bit further before I  hit the brakes, open my door and say: “Go get those RABBITS!” He flies over the top of me, and in a  flash of dark fur, is GONE!

He has an extremely strong set of chompers, this dog. He will pull up an entire sage bush from its roots, if he thinks that a critter is hiding within. Crazy Dog!

Once he has run so hard and fast that he can’t stop panting…tongue hanging out of his mouth, stinking of sagebrush, I call him back into the van and we head towards the River for a swim.

Ziggy loves to swim. No, that’s not true, Ziggy LOVES to swim.

He is scared of the hose, and doesn’t like the bathtub, but take him to the River, or a Pond, or a Creek, and he jumps right in. He’s a very strong swimmer, naturally, and would rather swim, than play with us or any other dogs who may be at the swim spot.

He doesn’t bother the ducks, or geese, or other birds who make their home there, which is odd considering he is part Border Collie and loves to create a chase situation with anything that will run, fly or hide.

He just wants to swim.

Its interesting to watch him as he glides through the water,  every few minutes, he bites  the water .

He gets into a “zone” when he swims.

I sit on the shore and watch him swim.

He doesn’t  “Dog Paddle” as many dogs do. He swims with grace and style.

The wake of his movement,  gentle ripples upon the surface of the water.

Very peaceful. I find that I am relaxed, almost in a meditative state as he continues his swim.

The leaves in the surrounding trees softly rustle as a gentle breeze stirs the air.

I become the wind…I feel myself floating safe in the warm caress of the sun…Then at once I am startled back into the world by a big wet kiss from a big wet dog!

I Love my dog!

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