I Say Again…Not This Woman!!!

I recently commented on a fellow bloggers post, as I often do.

I enjoy reading what others’ have to say on their blogs. I feel it is a fantastic way to open up dialogue, and at times debate with regard to the topic at hand.

Apparently, my comment (which was a bit long) really upset the woman who posted the blog. I prefaced my comment with a disclaimer, knowing full well that I would more than likely offend some of the folks who read it.

I was right.

My intention was not to offend anyone, rather it was to ask that we, as American Women vote for Ms. Clinton NOT because she has a vagina. Instead, I suggest that we take the time to learn the FACTS about her, then decide..

To vote for anyone simply because of their gender is just plain STUPID!. not to mention “Sexist”.

I was accused of trying to “shame” women into believing what I had written in my comment,   also accused of insinuating that we woman are too dumb to do some fact checking prior to voting.


I simply asked that WE American Women cast our votes this year after taking the time to learn about whom we are voting for, not what gender they are.

I am 100% in favor of a Woman holding the highest office in this Great Country, and I would be screaming from the mountaintops in favor of a Qualified Woman Candidate who had integrity, who was honest, who ran for office standing tall, head held high proud of her ability to speak without deception, and happy to discuss all aspects of her personal and political life.

This, sadly is NOT the case with Ms. Clinton.

She has a her-story, filled with scandals, and yes ladies, most of them Factually Prove Her Direct Involvement in them.

These are NOT  “Conspiracy Theories”, or “Right Wing Plots” against her, as she would want us to believe.

I am not, in any way shape or form calling American Women Stupid, nor would I ever disrespect my sisters by doing so.

I am, however calling on all American Women, to please, please, PLEASE, take the time to look at the facts before you vote. Don’t just listen to an ever changing career politician’s words which change depending on which way the wind is blowing…Please, before you cast your vote for our next President-Ask yourself: Why have I decided to vote for ___________?

I have researched the candidates in the upcoming presidential race, and have made my personal choice.. My decision (which I will not share here) is based on what I have learned on my own. I have taken the time to gain as much knowledge about the candidates as possible. I researched both their personal and political lives, their ideals, their hidden truths, where the money is coming from (to fund their campaigns) and sought out the truth vs. the lies I may have heard about them.

I took the time to learn about them on my own. I will not be accused of casting my vote for the vagina, just because I share the same anatomy.

I will cast my vote based on my personal knowledge of the candidate, after careful consideration.

I read the following article which was published in the New York Post on June 15, 2016, and wanted to share it with those who may read this post. Upon reading it, I took a few moments to look online for facts and/or documentation to back up what is in the article.

I found an abundance of factual documentation which prove that it is true.

I would ask that you take the time to find out for yourself.

This is but one of many unscrupulous scandalous things that Ms. Clinton glosses over in her campaign speeches. WAKE UP AMERICA!

If you decide to choose Ms. Clinton upon learning all that there is to learn about her, that is your choice. I am not writing this blog to force my choice on anyone.

I have written this post to ask that each and every American, take the time to learn the truth about the candidates before they vote this year.

We are blessed to live in the Greatest Country in the World, one where we are free to learn, free to speak our minds and free to choose who will be our President.

God Bless America!

The following article was published in the New York Post June 15, 2016:

In the wake of Orlando, Hillary Clinton called out Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait for “funding extremist organizations” and “supporting radical schools and mosques all over the world.” What she didn’t mention is that all three also fund … her.

The three countries are all guilty as charged. And they’re not just funder’s of terrorism: All three make homosexual acts punishable by prison or even death.

But the Clinton’s have taken millions of dollars from those same governments through their family foundation.

Which rather tarnishes Clinton’s proud post-Orlando vow to the LGBT community that she “will keep fighting for your right to live freely, openly and without fear.”

Which they can’t do in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait.

Nor is there any sign Hillary, as a US senator or as secretary of state, ever tried to do anything substantive about either problem.

Let alone say, Bill and I won’t take your cash unless you end your repressive, anti-women, anti-gay and pro-terrorist policies.

Make no mistake: These governments have kicked in big-time to the Clinton Foundation, especially after Hillary began her White House run. And you can be sure they all want something in return.

The Saudis have not only given $10 million to $25 million to the foundation, they also donated $10 million to help fund Bill Clinton’s presidential library.

The Foundation insists all this Mideast cash is “helping improve the lives of millions of people across the world.” But why have the three nations given far more to the Clinton’s than to any other charity?

It’s all well and good that Hillary vows to “defeat terrorist groups” and protect gays. She should start with her Mideast friends.

2 thoughts on “I Say Again…Not This Woman!!!

  1. I would bet a week’s pay that woman was far “left” of center. People on the fringes, left or right, are just looking for a reason to be offended, a reason to name call and accuse anyone who thinks differently than they do of being a bigot, fool, blind, homophobe or other such crap. Fortunately they are in the minority. Hopefully, the majority in the center right are paying attention this election and start a trend away from lifetime politicians.

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