“I Just Got Back”…

“I just got back” she said

Where’d you go, Mom?” he asked her

“I just got back from the Bay Area.”

“Me and the cat took the bus up there.”

” I knitted him a new sweater on the way .” She said

Why did you go there Mom?”

“Oh, we were just bored and decided to take a little trip” she said

She sat up in her hospital bed.

She told him about her “trip” to the Bay Area, with incredibly vivid details.

He listened to her.

He thought…

She did take this trip, oh yes, she did.

It was a memorable trip,


it was all in her mind.


He is the baby of the family. The youngest of five, and the only boy.

He loved (and still does) his Mom more than life itself.

He was the one who cared for her 24/7 as her disease progressed

Stealing her memories, eroding her mind.

He is just a “good ‘ol boy”, a country boy; into cars and “man things”.

He has an amazing talent with all things “wood”.

He creates beautiful tables, boxes, desks, anything his mind can see

He creates

One of a kind pieces that he describes as “Tramp Art”.

They are, in reality,  Works of Art.

He calls them “nothing special”.

He is a rare breed.

Truly a humble man.

He has given me a great gift;

I am privy to the mysteries that dwell inside of him.


It has been a few years now, since she passed.

He is haunted by the memories, unable to make sense of them still

Her mind just slipped away.

The shell was intact, His Mother.

Confused, then in an instant, lucid.

He wondered if perhaps he was losing his mind

Or maybe, he laughed to himself, “I did way too many drugs back in the day”?

The sun begins its descent as he sits quietly, watching her.

He holds her tiny hand in his, his eyes never looking away

As she goes away, again

Gone from this reality.

He weeps silently, his eyes never leaving her face

The sun dips lower in the evening sky

Dark shadows now fill the room

Its tendrils wrap around her small body

The sound of his heartbeat keeps the flood of tears from falling.

A flash of light then,


A gust of wind to a candle’s flame

Her, as she was then

He remembers now

He holds the memories close





He waits for her to get back.

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