Not This Woman!

I am an American Woman.

I would LOVE to see a Qualified Woman become the President of this Great Country


I find myself unable to silence the screaming voice within me with regard to “history” being made in the announcement of the “Presumptive Democratic Nominee” for the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

Many Americans,  including myself,  believe that the President of The United States of America should be elected regardless of their gender.

Those who run for ANY public office (Man or Woman)  should have a proven record of both honesty and integrity.

I am 100% in support of electing a qualified, honest Woman whom has integrity to the highest office in this Great Country,

but NOT This Woman!

Have we, Americans, lost our collective minds?

Perhaps we have simply forgotten the MANY political scandals This Particular Candidate, (and her family) have been linked to, named in, and involved in throughout her  “illustrious” career in United States politics.

I am ashamed, as an American, that she has been allowed to run for any political office, let alone the Highest Office In the U.S.A.

Are we suffering some type of  Mass Amnesia in America?

It would seem that many  Americans have lost their ability, willingness or desire to see what is right in front of them.

Documented Facts, Scandals,  Her Direct Involvement in Political Corruption, and Criminal Activities,  yet She, has become the “History-Making Presumptive Democratic Nominee” .

These are NOT “Conspiracy Theories”, or “Right Wing” attacks on her questionable character. These are Documented Facts, from CREDIBLE sources, Including Government Agencies whom have and are currently  investigating her, and her family members.

Just in case anyone has forgotten, I felt compelled to refresh your memories.

Please follow the link below, and take a moment to read the article on the Washington Examiner’s Website which highlights just a few of the “Clinton Scandals”.

This is but one of thousands of articles written about the Clinton’s (some of which are based more in more fiction than fact.)

The Reality?

This Woman has manipulated the American People into not only allowing her to run for office, but to actually make many Americans think that she is anything but a Criminal.

Her true political platform is  Money, and the Power that Money can Buy.

For God’s sake, Open Your Eyes America. She has no conscience, and no concern for the American People.

She is a career politician with no concern for any of us, once she gets back into the White House.

Career politicians tend to Say Whatever The American People Want To Hear, to  get our votes, She is no different!

Once in office, This Candidate must keep the promises she made, not to the American People who elected her, (God Forbid) but to the Super Packs, Big Banks, Foreign Leaders etc. who “donated” millions to her campaign fund, through her NUMEROUS personal (family) foundations, as well as her  “Democratic” Organizations.  (some deemed “Charitable”) which (secretly) also funnel cash into her pockets.

I am open-minded with regard to this election.

It is one that demands the American People to do their homework. We are being tested folks.

Be an Active Part of Your Government. Make informed choices when you vote this year. I’m sick of the Democrat/Republican bullshit. I am an American. I will vote as an American.

I will make an informed choice, because I will take the time to research the candidates. I will decide who I want to run My Country with my eyes wide open.

I can assure you that my vote will definitely NOT be for This Woman!

I wonder…

Who Will You Choose?

Will You Take The Time To Research The Candidate BEFORE You Cast Your Vote?

In her own words…

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