This is NOT about That!

This is NOT about That!Every once in a while, I wake up in the morning with the feeling that I am ignoring my basic needs. That I have somehow become a slave to what modern society has deemed “important”, which I intuitively know to be completely insignificant to what really matters to me, personally.

Such was my state of mind, this morning. I awoke with a “screw it” attitude towards anything that I felt was of no benefit to the health of my spirit (soul).

This included, but was not limited to:

  • Physical or Mental Work that would involve monetary compensation
  • Household chores that involve organizing, cleaning, bill paying, or worrying
  • Anything that involved arguments, confusion, or stress
  • People who wanted me to join them on a shopping trip
  • Anything involving shopping, or money,or credit or debit, or checks etc.
  • Anything involving a telephone (cell phone)
  • Anything to do with the internet, unless it was to write my deepest thoughts or ideas that were NOT based in the physical world.
  • Anyone who needed to complain about how their life “sucked” and “why”
  • Anyone who tried to distract me from just “being” in my true state of” being”

I was determined to do ONE thing yesterday. Let My Little Kid do whatever it wanted to do, with no conditions or restrictions. Time to re-connect with myself-my True Self, the kid that is free to be whatever it wants to be, to do whatever it wants to do, and fuck it if “they” don’t like me, agree with me, or understand me!

Sometimes I just gotta say: Screw It!

Time to take off the “”Grown-Up” mask that I am forced to wear, as an “adult”, wash my face, grab my most “holy” pair of Levis, a tank top, put on a pair of flip flops, grab the Dog, and don’t tell a soul that I left, nor where I’m going!

I always feel a tiny bit of guilt, not letting anyone know my whereabouts, but once I’m on the open road, that guilt is a distant memory. In the past, when I have had my “Screw It” Adventure Days, I’ve returned home to find my cell phone, where I left it (at home)  with a note under it, and something like: “thanks alot for making me worry…selfish terd”. written there…and always a voice mail box filled with the voices of people & their issues concerning the list I mentioned above.

I will stop there! This is NOT about That!

Yesterday, Ziggy and I drove to a beautifully isolated spot just east of our home.

There are many places in Northern Nevada, where one can actually spend an entire day without seeing (or hearing) another human being. This was the case yesterday.

Ziggy and I parked, grabbed our water, and started walking. It was a HOT afternoon so we decided to slide down a little hill, and jump into the Carson River to cool off.

I felt all of the “Yuck” of my daily “Adult” life wash away, going down with the heavy current to parts unknown. I shed my inhibitions and laughed a deep gut laugh as I played in the river with my dog.

I felt like I was the sunshine. Not a care in the world, FREE!

We splashed for a while, then I got out to dry in the wonderful heat of the sun. I felt its warmth deep in my heart, rejuvenating my spirit and igniting the spark of my creativity. The imagination is an incredible thing…A great lady once told me her definition of imagination: “Image-In” I tend to get so distracted by the “shiny things” in “real” life that I lose that “Image-In”-Hey, if you can think it, you can create it, right?

Our day was a much needed “blessed” event, mine and the dog’s…I love the connection I have with My Ziggy. He is such an amazing reminder to me of all that is vital to my existence, and of that which isn’t. He is an eternal child, full of unconditional love, curiosity, and innocence. He doesn’t worry about tomorrow, or what the neighbors have, do, think or say…He just wants to explore, to learn and to love. Hmmmm…



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