It’s A Dog’s Life…Part II

…Hmm, where did I leave off? Oh yes, 
My new humans had just come to save me….
I knew upon first sniff, that these two were MINE!
I gave them my most desirable “Sad Puppy Dog” look, (no human can resist that look!) and I listened to them talk about pulling me out for a person to dog meeting, to determine whether or not I was “The One” for them.
I tenderly licked my future “Hu-Mom’s” hand as she gently pet me through the fence that kept us apart. I was already in love with them both. It seemed to me that my “Hu-Dad” would be a bit harder to win over, so I focused my attention on him, and donned my most pathetic “Please, Save Me” look. I gazed up at him and pleaded silently, with my eyes…”I’m your dog.”..”I will be the best friend you have ever had”…”PLEASE, Take Me Home!”
 I was nervous as I watched them walk away. If they decided not to meet me in person, I would be devastated.
I waited…pacing my small cell…I sent mental pictures of myself, hoping that the pictures would arrive in the minds of my future “hu-parents” and that the pictures would remind them of only one dog, their dog…Me!
After just a few minutes, I was called inside to the door of my cell. The Shelter worker had opened the door, and was holding a leash! I was so excited, that I peed a little..Oops…
I allowed her to put the leash on me, and was led out to one of the Shelter’s meeting rooms.
I stopped dead in my tracks, trying to dig my paws into the floor before being taken into the room with the open door. I wanted to Scream…”NOOO!”
This was NOT the right meeting room! This room did not hold my future “Hu-Parents”!     The room held a fate worse than death…Five  humans, three of which were…..CHILDREN! 
I was unable to stop the Shelter worker from putting me in with them…I freaked out when she shut the door and I was face to nose with the children. I leapt up on the small bench and did my best to hide behind the large humans. I was shaking in fear, as two of the small ones tried to touch me. I growled as they pushed their cruel little hands towards my face…Then the third one approached. I cowered behind the large humans, but was unable to deflect their hands as they tried to “pet” me.
I had no other options, but to bare my teeth and growl even louder. I felt my hackles rise up as a warning to the small beasts who were obviously not catching my drift!
At that point, the large humans opened the door and asked the worker to remove me.
Whew! That situation could have been disastrous for all parties involved!
I figured I was probably going right back to my cell, as I obviously would not be going home with that bunch…but I was wrong! The worker opened the door on another meeting room, and I was shocked when I realized it was “THEM”!
I could not get myself into that room fast enough! I was so excited, so happy, so filled with joy, that I couldn’t control myself! I leapt into their arms, licked every inch of their faces, arms, hands & necks,  my tail wagging uncontrollably!
It only took a few minutes alone with them in that beautiful, wonderful, amazing meeting room, until they called in the worker, and said that they would like to take me home.
They were going to adopt me! I was going to be a part of their family FOREVER!
I was so happy, so proud to know I had a new family, a new home to call my own! I walked with my head held high, my heart filled with love as they took care of all of the  human stuff they had to take care of before they could get me out of there and on my way to my new life!
Soon, I was led towards the doors that led to My New Life!
….to be continued

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