It’s a Dog’s Life!

I would like to take a few moments to say hello, introduce myself, and share with the world my opinions, thoughts and ideas…Offer the world:  “This Dog’s Life”, in written form…My soul bared to you all! My pen name: Ziggy Speaks!

I was born in April of 2013, and lived briefly with my first human family, who for whatever reason, gave me up to the Northern Nevada Humane Society.

This, as you may imagine, affected me deeply. I felt abandoned, unwanted, and confused. I could not understand what I had done to make my humans deliver me to such a place.

I know that I am quite handsome, extremely lovable, friendly, funny, compassionate and empathetic, so what could I have done to deserve this??

I spent several weeks behind bars, at the shelter, watching humans look in at me as they sought the “perfect dog” to adopt…I listened to the tales of woe being spoken by my fellow captives…The stories that brought them there, the memories of happier times with their human families, and some not so happy memories. I, being just a pup sat and listened, my heart filled with sadness, loneliness and hope for a better future.

Then one day in December of 2015, I woke up in the morning with a feeling of anticipation.I was not sure what brought this feeling on, but I was not going to bark about it. I felt exhilarated and excited. I felt as though this day would be like no other for me!

I ate my breakfast, cleaned myself up, and walked to the outdoor part of my prison cell to await the moment that this would all make sense to me!

I sat down just inside of the fence that kept me from freedom, and waited…

Seemed like I waited for eons before the human parade started to meander their way past all of the cells, looking in with hungry eyes…”Ooh-ing” and “Ahh-ing” at my fellow prisoners. I stared up at them, rather bored by all of the “Puppy Talk” spoken as one after another of them stuck their hands through the fence and tried to “pet” me.

I did not feel that any of these humans were mine. Many of them had children. I, personally do not care for children. As a small pup, I vaguely remember the torture I was forced to endure at the hands of an unwatched human child. Brutal and vicious torture that involved ear and tail pulling, hair pulling, kidnap, and more. As such, I have a great distrust of small humans, which I make abundantly clear whenever I am faced with a human child situation. I run away from them and try to hide.

I began to feel as though the humans that I longed to make my own, would never arrive, despite my inner feelings of hope and anticipation. I sat back against the wall next to the fence, and fell asleep.

I began to dream of a life unlike any other dog had ever experienced…I dreamed of brilliant speeches given by yours truly, in front of human audiences with thousands of them present to hear me; Ziggy, speak!

I felt the love and adoration of audiences from all over the world…baited breath, just waiting for the moment when I would share with them all my thoughts on life, as Ziggy, the dog.

Something woke me, just as  huge audiences were giving me a standing ovation, and as I awoke, I thought “that figures!, just as I was about to be adored and applauded by millions, I wake up to this!”.

I yawned, stood up to stretch, and took a quick glance around the area.I didn’t see anything new, so I stuck my nose out of the cage to get a quick sniff…My eyes are not nearly as trustworthy as my “sniffer”…My ears shot up, as I processed the results of my sniff, because “They Were Here!”

(At least that was what I felt after the analysis had been completed.)

I did a quick lick and groom, to make sure I looked my best, and put on  my most effective “sad, please take me home” expression as I sat against the cage wall looking out…All the while feeling my heart race in anticipation of their arrival.

I hear the sound of their feet getting close, as they came into view. I wanted desperately to jump up, and tell them “I’m the One”, removing any doubts they may have had, but had learned from the others in this prison, that it was best to just sit quietly and look at them with loving eyes.

I knew from the moment I saw this couple, that they would be mine.

to be continued….



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