Ziggy’s Hu-Mom Speaks on 2016 Politics

One American Woman’s Thoughts regarding the upcoming Presidential Election…


As I usually do on Sunday Mornings, I turned on my television and watched my usual Sunday morning news show. I usually start switching channels once it is over, because it is always followed by a “Serious” Political News Show which , I feel is not worthy of viewing due to its very biased (Establishment) views.

This morning, I chose to watch the show, despite my feelings about it because I wanted to listen to what Hillary Clinton had to say, as she was scheduled to be interviewed on the show. As an American Woman, I will state here, that I AM NOT a supporter of Ms. Clinton for President, or any other public office. I am well aware of Ms. Clinton’s political record, and I, for one, have not lost sight of the fact that she has been named in a ridiculous amount of political scandals, and criminal activities throughout the course of her “Career” in both the private and public sectors. Honestly, I am amazed that she is allowed to run for the highest office in our Great Country, and by the fact that any American would even consider her a viable candidate, let alone give her their vote, considering the myriad of scandals surrounding her that are based on facts!

To be fair, I felt I should take the time to watch her interview this morning. I did so, and as a result, my opinion of her  worsened. To state the obvious, her questions and answers were clearly scripted-Cookie Cutter questions, with Cookie-Cutter responses…The interviewer should be ashamed of himself for his lack of asking questions that We The People want honest answers to. As far as I am concerned this is exactly why We the People are fed up with American Politics and The Establishment Politicians (of which, Ms. Clinton is a part of.)

Ms. Clinton spoke of running a campaign based on issues, and chose to cite her record (Foreign Policy) while she was Secretary of State…To use her own words (when she spoke of the deaths of those at the US Embassy in Benghazi)”What Difference does it make now?”(They were Americans, you heartless She-Beast!)

She also said during her interview this morning, that she “sat down with some of the working class American people and listened to their struggles, their concerns”…that she “understands” their needs and that she would raise the minimum wage, that she would break up the big banks, etc. Well, Ms. Clinton, HOW?

How can you speak on either of those topics, and expect us to believe anything you say, when your ACTIONS, and your past record show us (THE PEOPLE) where you really stand on these issues? I’m sure you remember supporting NAFTA, Ms. Clinton? How many U.S. jobs were outsourced  as a result of your support for that one?

Let’s move on to the Big Banks now, shall we? I am shocked by the “forked tongue” statements about breaking them up,  you made today… The Clinton Foundation and other Clinton “Dummy Corporations” have received ridiculous amounts of cash “donations” from them and/or their “Dummy Corporations”…Special Interests? What have you given them in return?

Some of us Average Americans have taken the time to look into the facts regarding the candidates whom are running for the office of the President of the United States of America in 2016, rather than blindly voting for “The Lesser of Two Evils” as has been the “norm” in the past. Through my taking the time to look into this, I have found that you, Ms. Clinton are NOT what this GREAT Country needs. From my perspective, you are the poster child for all that is wrong with the United States Government, which, in case you have forgotten was created By The People, For The People of this Great Country,

Establishment Politicians from all parties are refusing to endorse Donald Trump, despite the FACT that We, the People have made it clear that we choose Mr. Trump to be OUR Republican candidate in the upcoming election….Why? What are they so afraid of?

Here is my question to those of you in Washington D.C. whom have chosen to stand against Mr. Trump despite his being the presumptive Republican nominee:

Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?

Those of you whom now sit in the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. Congress, do so because you were elected by We, the People of the United States of America.

You are there to represent US, The People of The United States Of America.

How dare you stand against OUR choice? We have spoken through our Votes. You need to remember that it is OUR Choice, not yours that determines who becomes an elected official in this Country!

We, the People!

It seems that many of you have forgotten that you work for US! Unless you are willing to accept our choices, please, feel free to resign your position now. Your Job is to be OUR voice in Washington D.C. Your opinions are not relevant in any elected public office unless they are in accordance with what We, the People have chosen.

I am disgusted, as are many other American Voters by the disgusting abuses of power which have become the norm of our elected government officials. When a person who has changed their views more often than their underwear and has a history of criminal activities, accepting money from special interests, numerous conflicts of interests, and a rich history of involvement in cover-ups and scandals can run for the highest office in this great country, there is something very WRONG with the System!

I may not agree with all of the ideas or plans that either Mr. Trump or Mr. Sanders may enact, should they be elected into office, but I would cast my vote for either of them rather than voting for one of the “usual suspects” who say (and do) whatever it takes to attain the power that comes with holding the highest office in this Great Country.

I applaud them both for standing up for what they believe in, what they have done and for standing behind what they say, instead of sitting on the fence watching which way the wind blows….then changing their position to placate whatever group may be present at any given time!


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